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ClyphX Pro Macrobat
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ClyphX Pro – Walkthrough

Macro + Acrobat = Macrobat!

The title says it all really, as part of ClyphX Pro, Macrobat gives you supercharged Rack Macros that can control parameters within the track they sit in, other parameters in Ableton Live, even other Macros elsewhere in your set. You won’t find yourself limited with Macros again…

There’s so many possibilities with Macrobat that it deserves at least a couple of videos to cover how it can be used. As ever you’ll find it all detailed in the manual so the intent of Stray and my videos is to bring to life what you can achieve.

First up i’ll show you how you can create a macro that instantly maps to what ever’s been selected in Live, perfect if you’ve got one of those singular dial encoder MIDI Controllers!

Next, brining a Randomisation and Reset capability to a device or set of devices is simple with Macrobat, just name up a few racks (or drag them from your browser as previously saved presets) and turn them on or off, random reset done!

Chain Mixing is the third focus and we demonstrate with three Macrobat racks how you can control a Drum Rack and it’s Chain Volume, Pan and Send Volume.

The final and i personally thin genius bit, is how you can use the Receiver and Sender Racks in Ableton Live to control 8 different macros in 8 different tracks with one Audio Effect Rack. When you see you’ll know!