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ClyphX Pro Dynamic X-Control Assignments
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ClyphX Pro – Q&A with Stray

Dynamic X-Control Assignments

It’s a complex question for this weeks Q&A session. “How do i use locators in Arrangement view to change what clip is triggered from a singular MIDI command?”

So the principal behind this question is quite a complex one but ClyphX Pro makes it simple, as the Ableton Live session continues in Arrangement view the playhead will pass the X-Locators in the timeline.

With each locator passed the action will change the targeted clip that will be triggered by an X-Control MIDI Message. You could think of how this would work in a live context, always giving you a set of clips perhaps mapped to MIDI buttons so that you always know you have the right clips beneath your fingertips at crucial points of your performance.

Can ClyphX Pro do it, of course! Watch as Stray explains how!