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ClyphX Pro Snap Actions
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ClyphX Pro – Walkthrough

Snap Actions Introduction

In this video i’ll run through one of the inbuilt lessons of ClyphX Pro dedicated to Snap Actions. Using various methods to trigger you can capture and recall various states of your Ableton Live set at will…

The concept is a popular one and a massive feature of ClyphX Pro. With a variety of triggers including X-Controls, X-Clips and X-Cues you can firstly store the state of a track or tracks including the mixer controls (Volume, Pan & Sends) along with the parameters of devices within the track.

This is where it gets clever, with any of the X-Triggers you can then recall that state on the fly, whether it be for a performance to reset an effect or to set up an instrument for the next song.

Taking it a step deeper we’ll also show how you can morph between Snap Actions from the current state by either morphing over a set time in beats or milliseconds or by using the MAcrobat Snap Rack and giving hands on control over the morphing.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments, including any suggestions for further videos in the Q&A series of videos from Stray the developer.