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Our Debut Trade Show – SynthFest Uk 2017

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Last Saturday, the UK based members of the Isotonik Collective (minus Lee who chose to go to a wedding instead!) travelled north of the Watford Gap to the home of Electronic Music Sheffield! For our inaugural event SynthFest UK was the perfect choice, picnic tables and patch cables a plenty!

We were humbled to be offered the chance to display our wares to the public taking over Abletons stand for the day. Sharing the floor with heavyweights in the game like AKAI, Roland and Novation, there was a much more homegrown feel than previous trade shows that have felt overwhelmed by the stand constructions and underwhelmed by the product on display.

Synthfest kept a happy balance, the expensive stands absent with simple tables and backdrops in their place. It was awesome to walk around and bump into so many people we’d only met virtually!

From an Isotonik point of view, Mark Towers set up included a LaunchPad, a Push One and a Dave Smith Tetra all being powered by the Arcade Series Returns and the Free Ghosts LE.

James C Waterworth of Elevator Sound in Bristol lugged his EuroRack Modular System so that he could debut the forthcoming Modular Series LE the output of which was sent to Ned Rush’s set up (who was let out for the day) where he switched between generating visuals with the World Collection and glitching up the audio with his FX Pack.

With Phelan Kane completing the line up showing off the Wave Junction synth built entirely in MaxforLive going the line up it was an amazing day meeting loads of people passionate about Live.

My role in the day, well i got to give out all the Ableton merchandise which made me popular for an hour or so 😉

We had an awesome time, make sure you add the date to your diary for next year!

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