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NEW RELEASE: Melody Sauce

Algorithmic Melody Generator

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting MaxforLive devices to bring you, this one was introduced to us by our own Sigabort creator of Preditor 2. Having worked with Charlie Morgan on the programming of the device it’s now ready for it’s first public view…

Charlie Morgan is a prolific producer, with his recent work concentrating in the lucrative world of advertising for some of the worlds biggest names he’s been working diligently on his Evabeat project in his spare time.

Teaming up with professor of Algorithmic Musicology Louis Bigo in Paris, he came up with a unique system to analyse the musical DNA of current commercial pop and EDM songs and understand what makes them tick. Focusing initially on melody, the process involved hours of painstakingly notating songs, extracting the component parts and putting these into spreadsheets, and then analysing them mathematically to identify the common features that successful instrumental hooks share and the “melodic rules” they tend to follow. This musical DNA was then used to build a set of algorithms, along with a unique phrase-building architecture, that would create melodies in a similar way to how a human songwriter would, at the click of a button.

Now that massive body of work has been programmed into a MaxforLive device, Melody Sauce, that can instantly create a massive hit! There’s nothing random about the melodies that it creates, these are all sure fire bangers!