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Follow Five MaxforLive Control Device
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Now Live TEN ready!!

Our most popular device is Follow, quite simply it performs automatic follow actions at a choice of trigger events. With the release of Live 10 we’ve begun our long and fruitful journey in bringing devices up to the new standards, Follow is the first to get the update…

As one of our longest running devices we’ve had plenty of feedback on it over the last couple of years, it didn’t get to version 4 by luck of course!

With the release of Follow FIVE we’ve made use of the new Live.Banks object in MaxforLive, this is particularly cool for Push users as it gives the ability for contextually driving what appears on the Push screen.

In this introduction video we’ll give a rundown of the functionality of the device along with some tips to get the best performance from it in tuning it to your particular set up.

In the following videos we’ll go into more depth on each of the Trigger Types & Follow Actions as well as how to control the device by MIDI, Clip Envelopes and of course the Ableton Push.