Breathing new life into performing with Arrange View!

When you think of someone performing in Ableton Live’s Arrange View the word spontaneity doesn’t often spring to mind…

But think of the benefits, you want to perform your tracks exactly as you’ve arranged them… And want to improvise a little over the top….

Trouble is when that play button is pressed its a pretty straightforward journey towards the end of the song, and that’s where Follow Arrange comes in!

Configured around a floating window, that can be enlarged dramatically for viewing from a distance by the rest of the band, the device reads the current Playhead position and creates three MIDI Mappable Jump buttons which allow you to trigger play from the locators in the immediate vicinity…

As the Playhead progresses past each Locator, the Arrange Loop brace is automatically configured to be aligned with the last and next locator dividing the arrangement into sections….

With a simple Loop On and Off button you can then choose to repeat the current section or let it play through, all of the time allowing you to work in Session View and trigger clips over your arrangement to bring back the on the fly performance!