Arpeggiate in a Brand New Way!

Chaos-Culture have now reached their fifth update of the MIDI MultiClip Editor and have added a further modulator to both it and it’s slimline younger brother the MIDI Modulators device (which works on a solitary MIDI clip).

The walkthrough video above shows off the new Arpeggiator modulator, it’s unconventional and uses a completely different approach compared to the classic arpeggiators. Instead of using a step sequencer or by selecting an algorithm preset, this arpeggiator enables you to use a set of customizable notes to control the behaviour of the effect.

You don’t have to stay on the grid, you can use different rhythms, note lengths or use multiple pitch values on top of each other at the same time. This goes far beyond the use of a traditional arpeggiator and gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility.

All will become clear in the video above, but it really is so powerful!

Version 1.8.97 Multiclip

– Arpeggiator modulator has been added. More information about it can be found in the video.

– Modulators that are using randomly generated numbers are now working with a seed that can be renewed manually.

– Join modulator has been added. It will let you combine notes together if the space between them is within a customizable threshold. The join tool in the tool bar will always connect the selected notes regardless of their positions and lengths.

– The Chord string modulator now includes an interleaved mode to apply the effect on multiple clips as if the notes were located on the same clip.

– Modulators will now get canceled when the window gets closed to prevent the notes in Live from not changing back to their original states.

– Small bugfixes and improvements.