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nativeKONTROL joins the Isotonik Collective – Here’s ClyphX Pro!!

Stray the genius behind nativeKONTROL has been working flat out to rewrite ClyphX from scratch, now with Live 9.7 and Live 10 compatibility we’re proud to announce the release of ClyphX Pro in our store!

For a long time I’ve spent hours each week reading across the forums, poking my nose into threads and seeing what people needed solutions for in Ableton Live. Once upon a time I’d jump in with an answer based around using Bomes MIDI Translator but once MaxforLive was released it seems I had a pretty singular solution to every request…

Want to loop and audio clip on the fly? – MaxforLive!

Want to Arm and Track and Mute others at the click of a button? – MaxforLive…!

Not everyone wanted to listen… “I’ve not got Live Suite”. ” I don’t want to use MaxforLive”…..

After a while though there started to appear an alternative answer from other forum members, not often the same person and never the developer. The whispers got louder and louder until they couldn’t be ignored…. ClyphX!

With the announcement of Live 10, ClyphX’s developer Stray, announced that he was actively working on ClyphX again, not just an update but a complete rewrite from scratch. We wanted Stray on our team and now we’re delighted to announce the release of ClyphX Pro through Isotonik Studios!


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