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Note Looper – Brand New Dynamic MIDI Looping from Dillon Bastan

When Dillon messages me on Facebook it’s always something unexpected that he wants to show me, first was Ecosystem and then his Samsara granular looper, both hit the spot but left us wanting more. Now yet again he’s delivered with Note Looper a dynamic MIDI Looping Max for Live device…

In Dillon’s own words:

Note Looper is a versatile and ephemeral Max for Live device used to loop incoming MIDI notes. It features various behaviors for playback and functions to modify the recordings. It’s perfect for live setups and workflows for on the fly looping where MIDI clips don’t quite work.

When i first played with it i was instantly hooked, i’m not the worlds greatest musician (think bad, very bad, especially with timing) so to see the notes i’d randomly tapped in with the Push 2’s grid quickly quantised and looping i set about exploring what else the device could do.

My favourite feature is the ability to have a number of different playheads, retriggering the notes within the looper. You’ve got various options to control the playheads along with a raft of other features to further adjust the output of the device.

Find a setting you really like, simply save it as a MIDI mappable preset and recall it on the fly at a later moment.

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