An Ableton Live Essential for Working with Busses in your Production…

With each new PerforModule Ableton Live pack, Animus approaches production from a different angle with a view to improving your workflow and taking hours out of painstaking testing by ear to get the results you want to achieve but don’t know how!

In this Bussification Pack his attention turned to producers who group together their tracks in Busses and then apply effects and processing to the end results.

Divided into Racks that work on particular groups like Bass or Wind Instruments the GroupBuss Racks are meticulously crafted to get instant results from a wide range of the audio spectrum.

Drums get their own set of racks with focus on either the core kit of the Kick and Snare or the range of percussion sounds such as the Tom’s etc…

The final group of racks is dedicated to those used best on Return tracks, with a set to add the character of CD, Cassette or Vinyl and a final pair to add Dirt or Space without losing that essential punch!

Watch the video above as Ableton Live Expert, Joshua Casper walks through the pack in a much better way than i can describe it!