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PerforModule’s Done…

Everything now Updated!

It’s been a long hard slog for Animus of PerforModule, as our most prolific contributor taking on the task to update every one of his products to the standards of Live 9.7.5 was no mean feat, here today we finish the exercise with updates to Harmonicality and Testy Mastering!


The Harmonicality Ableton Live Pack is full of Audio effect and MIDI racks designed for enhancing and manipulating harmonics by various methods. In this update Animus has added a new set of MIDI clips:

Consonant Chords  36 MIDI clips of chords which are based on harmonic intervals. 3 types of chords are included: “60Factor Chords”, “Harmonic Series Chords”, and “Lydian 13th Chords”, each presented as 12 MIDI files, one for every key.

NOTE: Standard & suite are packaged as different  version numbers (1.3, 1.4) so if someone updates to ableton suite they can easily update the pack as well.


Testy Matering is a single Ableton Live rack that can be used for test mastering or pre-mastering, as well as a rack for adding dynamics to over-mastered material. So with update whilst there’s not a new rack there’s plenty of improvements under the hood!

  • Main Testy Mastering rack “M-S Groove” Module updated with “custom parallel routing to a complex M-S sidechain contour designed to pleasurably optimize perceptual palpability.”
  • Golden-Pink Noise reference pre-loaded to template set.
  • Lesson file massively cleaned up.
  • More info text help elements added to tracks etc. in the template set.