Cuckoo – Pack #2

Cuckoo’s tutorials for Synthesis are legendary, his style in breaking down every element into it’s own part makes things totally easy to understand, watch here as he takes you through his approach to sound design with the Novation Circuit Editor to truly appreciate what goes into making just a single patch!


Now you’ve seen the effort involved we’ll leave it to Cuckoo himself to introduce his first pack exclusive to the Isotonik Circuit Patch Store!

I’ve been trying to make a pack of 32 fun to play, diverse sounds. Many of which are especially geared towards melodic music, and keyboard players. There are gritty, fluffy, soft, old school, piano like sounds etc. They all work really well for Circuit stand-alone grooving as well. I think all of the sounds react to velocity too, so don’t forget to use the velocity on the Circuit!
In most of my sounds I approach the macro knobs in the same way, to make it easier to know what to expect from each knob.

  1. OSC1 sound variation
  2. OSC2 sound variation
  3. Envelope
  4. Filter
  5. LFO
  6. The Joker 😉 (dramatic effects)
  7. Chorus
  8. Distortion

The macro knobs are meant to be used. Use them!
I hope you’ll find the sounds useful! Cheers!

Pack Content

A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual and a single bank file…

01 Sinus Linus.syx
Melodic sort of digital sound. Also works as a bass.

02 Basta.syx
Powerful NES inspired bass. Also works as a melodic sound.

03 C3PCKOO.syx
My inspiration for this is the droids in Star Wars. Play with knob 1 to pitch bend.

04 Pianisten.syx
A bell like piano patch.

05 Spazier.syx
A hollow ambient chord friendly sound.

06 Orgeln.syx
An organ patch. Use knob 2 for a reverb like “hanging note”.

07 Are Peg.syx
Sine retriggering bell like sound. Use knob 2 for retrig speed.

08 Trisome.syx
Powerful electro sound with delay following the BPM i triplets.

09 Velonica.syx
Mellow mid/ bass synth, performed in a bath tub.

10 C Panda.syx
Powerful retro bass or melodic sound. Use knob 5 to control portamento.

11 Dreamt.syx
Retriggering powerful sound, with variations from very soft to crisp. Use knob 5 to control the retrig level.

12 Batmate.syx
Creamy, brassy, powerful sound, inspired by the original Batman game for Sega Megadrive/ Genesis.

13 Blooper.syx
Adventurous arpeggio sound. Use knob 5 to go from clean sine, to a more aggressively distorted sound.

14 Trilybird.syx
Wonderful clean melody sound. Use knob 2 to control the hanging release volume. Use knob 6 for a broken effect.

15 Trilybird hp.syx
A variation of Trilybird, but with highpass control, for making it even clearer and thinner. Use knob 6 to control the highpass filter.

16 C Brute.syx
A rich, full bass like sound – that can modulate to a powerful overdriven solo sound.

17 Flattr.syx
Epic solo flute!

18 WreqMeq.syx
Gritty, noisy, retro bass.

19 Corhodika.syx
An especially airy keyboard sound.

20 Belsa.syx
A bell like sound with echo. Use knob 5 to control the echo level.

21 Shin Osaka.syx
A Japan inspired one note chord. Use knob 1 to change the chord between 3 states.

22 Epique.syx
Epic retro game like arpeggio!

23 Banalog.syx
A balanced, analog like classic sound.

24 Triplix.syx
Inspired from the wonderful classic NES triangle sound.

25 Stringon.syx
A sort of string ensemble sound. Inspired by Zelda 3, for the SNES.

26 Randan.syx
A super fun randomised melodic sound. You never know what the next note will sound like 🙂

27 Obake.syx
Obake means Ghost in Japanese.

28 Wurletta.syx
A keyboard sound inspired by the classic Wurlitzer.

29 Babbel.syx
Babbel means Chatter in Swedish. A retriggering vocal experience. Use knob 5 for an intense turn of events.

30 Manner.syx
A vocal AUOW, vocal like sound. Use knob 6 for an outrageous pitch bend.

31 Mannifal.syx
An epic choir like AAHH like sound.

32 Corhodes.syx
A Rhodes like keyboard friendly sound, that responds very natural to velocity. Use knob 2 with care. Some booming overtones appear along the way from Rhodes to broken bell like sound.

Cuckoo – Pack #2 – Introductory Price – £8.99