Brutal Cacophony

A massive coup for us at Isotonik was the signing of esteemed Circuit Artist My Panda Shall Fly, with his early videos of the Circuit in use we just knew we had to have him on our team. Brutal Cacophony is the results of his first pack, designed to push the boundaries of noise, here’s his words in introduction….

The ultimate collection in terror-induced exaggerated unpredictability, encouraging maniacal experimentation for extreme instrumental freakage and/or wild other-worldly sound design curiosities. Use with caution!

Pack Content

A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual and a single bank file…

  1. BrokenPiano – Beautiful vintage Chroma copy through an old radio
  2. ABeast – Snarling, xtra-long decay mono-lead with big pulse-width variations
  3. WashedOut – Nostalgia with wide chorus & hiss
  4. Growlin – 9-octave feral scream-synth with added S/H chaos
  5. Saws – Angry poly-saw with wavetable scanning & velocity sensitivity
  6. MeanSync – Double-oscillator fury with signal-clipping
  7. SaturatedRhodes – Bit-crushed organ emulation with incredible harmonic tuning
  8. Pointy – Broken aluminium shards inside a metal chamber
  9. FarAway – Distant chord-machine with psuedo-echo & in/harmonic virtual oscillation
  10. Peace – Hazy bandpassed noise-core polyphony
  11. BeedFacked – Dense, drone-like textures with thick evolving timbres
  12. CurrentMood – Horror dinosaur clone with unpredictable venom
  13. DatSwell – Tempting poly-synth with variable LFO & multi-octave shrieks
  14. TerrifiedMan – A sad android tuning a shortwave radio on the sidewalk
  15. Boom – Crunchy mid-range bass-bot with dissonant detune
  16. SquaredBit – Low-res faulty generator capable of tasty melodics
  17. CuteKeys – Deceivingly evil polyphonic keys with obtuse decay & valve-distortion
  18. Metallik – Infinite feedback with transistor-type amplifier snarl
  19. Striker – Juvenile percussive melody/FX maker with velocity-sensitive excitement
  20. BurntLead – Overdriven square-wave animal with BPM-synced cruelty
  21. RoboLine – Big bad bully with hidden ring-modulation & super distorted hertz
  22. CorruptBass – Computerised low-end fiend with sine grit
  23. 1Ocean – Turbulent storm generator with integrated toy-organ capabilites
  24. RainPerc – Saturated sawtooths with extreme filter range & rectified asymmetric bite
  25. LikeTantric – Death arpeggiation with motorised valve drive & bit-depth crunch
  26. Chunkeys – Hypnotic dream-howl machine with phaser
  27. BassHell – Pan-octave scientific rhythmic chaos instigator
  28. DyingPuter – Erratic modular bleep confusion built for the war
  29. Blips – Rude cyborg malfunction & laser FX creator
  30. TinyKeys – Toxic electric-piano clone with irreguar Leslie fuzz
  31. PowerFool – Vintage angular buzz in vain perfect 5ths
  32. HuhString – Consolation 310U ensemble with obligatory chorus noise

Brutal Cacophony – Introductory Price – £8.99