Ableton Live Control

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  • ClyphX Pro Keys

    ClyphX Pro Keys – A ClyphX Pro Accessory

    Price £6.00

    ClyphX Pro Keys is an add on accessory for ClyphX Pro that unlocks ClyphX Pro's Key Actions allowing you to use ClyphX Pro to send keystrokes and mouse events.

  • ClyphX_Pro_Logo_Black_White_Background_400x400Clyphx_Pro_Device_actions

    ClyphX Pro – Advanced Ableton Live Control

    Price £30.00

    ClyphX Pro is a deceptively simple scripting language for music producers and performers who use Ableton Live 9.7 or later that allows for easy control and manipulation of virtually every aspect of a Live Set in highly useful and interesting ways.

  • BP Envelope Noiss Coko MaxforLive Control Devices

    BP Envelope – Clip Envelope Tempo Control

    Price £0.00

    Creator of the Modulation Pack and Control Pack, NOISS COKO, brings you a free MaxforLive device, BP Envelope, to master the Tempo of your Ableton Live set.

  • Ableton Live DJ Collection DJ SlicerAbleton Live DJ Collection Hot Cues

    DJ Collection – DJ Hot Cues, Looping & Slicing

    Price £27.50

    The DJ Collection brings together a set of MaxforLive devices designed to mimic the feature sets of popular DVS systems like Serato & Traktor

    • DJ HotCues
    • DJ Looper
    • DJ Slicer

  • SMART FIVE Product Master ThumbnailSMART FIVE

    Smart – Advanced Live Parameter Control

    Price £16.99
    UPDATED: Now LIVE 10 Compatible

    Smart is a Max4Live device that can be used to control up to 8 individual parameters at a time. Each parameter gets it's own Smart Graph where you can draw how you'd like the parameter to be modulated as the main dial is turned.

    Like Macro Mapping in an Effects Rack you can define the minimum and maximum value for the parameter range, however uniquely you can define when the parameter begins and ends reacting to a master dial being turned. You can even plot a specific path for the modulation which can also be curved…

  • Follow Scene ThumbnailModular Series Follow Actions for Arrangement View in Ableton Live

    Follow – Follow Actions for Scenes

    Price £19.99

    Follow Actions come alive when they're set automatically, especially when they can be used to trigger scenes and repeat phrases at will via MIDI!

    If you work with a band or in a Worship context then Ableton Live can be awesome to play your backing tracks, with the MaxforLive device, Follow Scene you can trigger the next scene automatically and decide on the fly whether to repeat it again.

    For the DJ & Live performer, mega sets can be created in half the time, split your clips and drop a Follow Clip device on the track and hey presto Follow actions happen automatically at the end of the clip, you won't even believe what you could achieve with Dummy Clips and Audio Effects!

  • LaunchSync SeriesLaunchSync Series Exclude MaxforLive Control Devices

    LaunchSync Series – Sync Together Ableton Control Surfaces

    Price £27.50

    The LaunchSync Series  began life over the coffee table in the office of Novation, the team there had an idea of syncing together their LaunchPad family with the forthcoming LaunchControl XL. As we developed the idea it became apparent that everyone has a different view of what made the perfect performance set up, whether it be an Ableton  Push based one or revolve around an APC40MKII  the same things became clear!

  • Follow Scene ThumbnailSMART FIVE Product Master Thumbnail

    Modular Series – Follow, Smart, Looper, Isotonik FX

    Price £30.00
    UPDATED: Follow SCENE & SMART now compatible with Live 10!

    The Modular Series consists of essential Max4Live Utilities for Ableton Live, Follow Actions for Scenes, On the Fly Looping, SMART FX and More...

  • Modular Series LE Free MaxforLive DevicesModular Series LE MaxforLive Devices for Ableton Live Roller

    Modular Series LE – One Feature per MaxforLive Device

    Price £0.00

    Over the last few years we've gathered together a whole host of MaxforLive devices from members of the Isotonik Collective that do simple things well and called them the Modular Series LE, now we're literally giving them away.

  • LaunchPad PRO Frame Performer LightShow

    Frame Lightshow Performer – PlayBack LightShows

    Price £0.00

    If you want to play Lightshows on the Novation Launchpad or Ableton Push created by other Lightshow artists then the Performer is for you!

    Frame Lightshow Performer from Chaos Culture is designed to allow you to play Lightshow sets created with the Frame Lightshow Creator device on a range of Grid Controllers like the Ableton PUSH ONE & TWO and the entire Novation LaunchPad family!

    Consisting of two types of MaxforLive devices, the Frame Lightshow Performer & Controller, set up is simple as is creating your own lightshow!

    Drop an Performer device onto a MIDI track and a Controller Specific device (there's a choice of devices based on your controller) onto another and you're good to go.

  • Chaos Culture Frame Lightshow Editor

    Frame Lightshow Creator – Launchpad & Push

    Price £15.00
    Frame Lightshow Creator from Chaos Culture allows the user to quickly set up a Lightshow performance on a range of Grid Controllers like the Ableton PUSH ONE & TWO and the entire Novation LaunchPad family! Consisting of three types of MaxforLive devices, the Frame Lightshow Creator, Controller and Performer, set up is simple as is creating your own lightshow! Drop an Editor device onto a MIDI track and a Controller Specific device (there's a choice of devices based on your controller) onto another and you're good to go. Click the Edit button and select a MIDI track, then paint your first frame of your lightshow directly onto your controller... Using Hotkeys and shortcuts you can build up your animation frame by frame across one or multiple controllers, and there's no need to use MIDI Devices or learn MIDI notes to do it!

Ableton Live Control - PrEditor 2

  • PrEditor_2_LaunchControl_XL_MappingPrEditor_2_Komplete_Kontrol_Mapping

    PrEditor 2 – Ableton Live Control Surface Mapping Utility

    Price £45.00

    PrEditor is an application that allows you to configure how selected MIDI Controllers map within Ableton Live to Instruments, FX, VSTs, AUs & MaxforLive Devices

    With a simple and intuitive graphical interface you can:

    • Build up your parameters in banks & customise the name of your banks for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, with up to 64 banks for each mapping
    • Customise the naming of each parameter for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, great for VSTs that aren't developed with the Push display in mind or MaxforLive devices that would only display Bank 1, Bank 2 etc.
    • Re-Arrange, re-order, copy and paste banks
    • Have blank spaces & Map a parameter multiple times across different banks
    • Access all of the hidden parameters of Live's devices that were previously only available to Push 1 & 2 (awesome when using one of our custom Control Surface Scripts!)
    • Unlock the access to all of the parameters in a MaxforLive device!
    • Create maps for MultiMap VST/AU devices like Native Instruments Reaktor & Kontakt and Diva