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ClyphX Pro Keys Control Surface Scripting Utility

ClyphX Pro Keys

ClyphX Pro Keys is an add on accessory for ClyphX Pro that unlocks ClyphX Pro’s Key Actions allowing you to use ClyphX Pro to send keystrokes and mouse events.

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PrEditor 2 & MIDIMIX XL

As a budget controller the inbuilt integration with Ableton Live is basic at best, some would argue it’s a pity for such potential! So with our XL Upgrade you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Ring Focus Box, with a 1 x 8 box showing you visually which eight tracks are being controlled by the MIDIMIX, it’s lack of LED’s can be partially excused.
  • LaunchSync compatibility, with this you can use the MIDIMIX as the Master or Slave controller linking it with an Ableton Push or adding further controls to an AKAI APC40 or a Novation LaunchPad!
  • 24 Parameter device control, simply tap the SOLO button and the Mute buttons control the selection of the first 8 devices on the Track in focus, the REC ARM buttons turn the devices on and off whilst the 24 Potentiometers Blue Hand Map to the device in focus….
  • Bank Left and Bank Right then allow you to cycle through all of the available parameters, so grab hold of an Operator and have complete control over your tweaking with just one controller!
  • Further options for controlling three sends on the Pots rather than just two and the Pan which is switchable from the controller when enabled in the Config.txt file. And there’s a choice of Returns Mode as well…
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PrEditor 2 Ableton Live Utility

PrEditor 2

PrEditor is an application that allows you to configure how selected MIDI Controllers map within Ableton Live to Instruments, FX, VSTs, AUs & MaxforLive Devices

  • Build up your parameters in banks & customise the name of your banks for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, with up to 64 banks for each mapping
  • Customise the naming of each parameter for display on the Push 1 & 2 screen, great for VSTs that aren’t developed with the Push display in mind or MaxforLive devices that would only display Bank 1, Bank 2 etc.
  • Re-Arrange, re-order, copy and paste banks
  • Have blank spaces & Map a parameter multiple times across different banks
  • Access all of the hidden parameters of Live’s devices that were previously only available to Push 1 & 2 (awesome when using one of our custom Control Surface Scripts!)
  • Unlock the access to all of the parameters in a MaxforLive device!
  • Create maps for MultiMap VST/AU devices like Native Instruments Reaktor & Kontakt and Diva
  • Mix device parameters with send and macro controls in a single bank
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AKAI MIDIMIX XL by Sigabort Ableton Control Surface Script


This Control Surface Script for Ableton Live extends the use of the AKAI MIDIMIX including the Ring Focus Box and 24 Parameter Control.

  • Session Control
  • 24 Parameter Device Control
  • Send & Return Control
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ClyphX Pro Ableton Live Scripting Utility

ClyphX Pro

ClyphX Pro is a deceptively simple scripting language for music producers and performers who use Ableton Live 9.7 or later that allows for easy control and manipulation of virtually every aspect of a Live Set in highly useful and interesting ways.

With ClyphX Pro, you can easily:

  • Control virtually every aspect of your Live Sets using simple words or phrases (called Actions).
  • Trigger Actions in ways that suit your workflow – from Session View Clips, Arrangement View Locators, MIDI Controllers or MaxforLive Devices.
  • Store and recall Snapshots of Tracks, Devices or your entire Set.
  • Automate Scale Settings and other features of Push/Push 2 and Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts.
  • Extend the functionality of other Control Surface scripts.
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LaunchSync Series MaxforLive Control Device

LaunchSync Series

The LaunchSync Series  began life over the coffee table in the office of Novation, the team there had an idea of syncing together their LaunchPad family with the forthcoming LaunchControl XL. As we developed the idea it became apparent that everyone has a different view of what made the perfect performance set up, whether it be an Ableton Push based one or revolve around an APC40MKII  the same things became clear!

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