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  • Trisektor Product ThumbnailTrisektor

    Trisektor – How much fun can a delay be?

    Price £10.99
    Trisektor is a MaxforLive 3-band delay unit for Ableton Live featuring dub style flutter effects, distortion, bitcrush, and a modulated comb filter. Create everything from subtle spatial dynamics to full on psychedelic freak out!
  • Freak-Q Product Master Thumbnail

    Freak-Q – The Opposite of an Equalizer

    Price £19.99
    Freak-Q is a MaxforLive equalizer specialized on sound design. Unlike an equaliser though, instead of actual filters to split the signal into bands, Freak-Q is based on a fast Fourier transformation. With 2048 bands this equalizer is not designed to balance a mix, it is meant to distort the frequency spectrum and to create harmonics or weird altered sounds.  
  • Mars Planetary Convolution - Reverb Impulses from PerforModule - Ableton Live PackPluto Planetary Convolution - Reverb Impulses from PerforModule - Ableton Live Pack

    Planetary Convolution – MaxforLive Convolution Reverb

    Price £11.99

    Planetary Convolution is a pack of Reverb Impulse Responses for Ableton Live each based on a planet (including dwarf planets!) of our Solar System.

  • Performodule Niche Collection Ableton Live Packs Drum Enhancerz

    Drum Enhancerz – Live Effect Racks for Drums

    Price £11.99
    Drum Enhancerz are Ableton Live Effect Racks specially suited for specific drum instruments designed by PerforModule these are Essential!
  • StrangeLines BSOD

    BSOD – Blue Screen of Death!

    Price £5.99

    BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, remember?) is a stockastic sample freezing effect by StrangeLines. What does it mean? Well, you could drop it onto a vocal track for a classy-chop effect, you could use it to turn any sound into a fresh organic pad, try it on a drum loop for example, but it's also cool to use it as a gating effect and/or mixing it with the dry signal. in short BSOD makes you rhytmically freeze any sound source with extreme ease for whatever purpose you're able to come up with.

    Main Features • Perfect gating/triggering with adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide • Way-beyond-recognition sound design and shaping capabilities. • Automatable and midi-controllable. • Clean, minimalistic, alive, dry/wet-responsive UI

  • Multi Analyzer Live 10 Mark Towers

    Multi Analyzer – Live 10 Audio Tool

    Price £0.00

    This MaxforLive device is the first from Mark Towers to use the new functionality within Ableton Live 10. Drop it on an audio track and select the track s you wish to monitor and you'll see each audio signal represented as a colour coded line on the LCD display.

    Upgrade to Multi Analyser XL for a detachable Visualiser and further Audio Routing Options - Multi Analyser XL
  • Art Frequencies DekobokoFXPro OpenArt Frequencies DekobokoFXPro Closed

    DekobokoFXPro – Up the Game!

    Price £20.00

    First came DekobokoFXLIte, now Art Frequencies up the game with the Pro Edition!

    The PRO version includes:

    • 2 LFOs for each parameter to be modulated by 6 types of basic waveforms including random
    • Master-Slave control between the 2 LFOs to create acceleration & deceleration effects and generate custom waveform
    • A piano roll to control your filter’s frequency and literally carve melody into your sound…
    • And finally multi-sliders to control the sample rate and resonance of your sound by sequence

  • Art Frequencies DekobokoFXLite ClosedArt Frequencies DekobokoFXLite Open

    DekobokoFXLite – Introducing Art Frequencies

    Price £8.00

    3 independent LFOs with 5 types of waveforms, each working in Sync or Frequency mod to control the filter frequency, resonance, and sample rate!

  • MicroChaosDelay Art Frequencies

    MicroChaosDelay – Tiny, Fun & FREE

    Price £0.00

    It's a tiny MaxforLive Delay, great fun to use, and it's FREE.... Do we really need to say anymore? Oh yeah it's from Art Frequencies the creators of DekobokoFXLite and DekobokoFXPro!

  • Testy MasteringTesty Mastering Filtering

    Testy Mastering

    Price £11.99

    Testy Matering is a single Ableton Live rack that can be used for test mastering or pre-mastering, as well as a rack for adding dynamics to over-mastered material.

    • A super-rack comprised of 6 sub-modules used for complete pre- or test mastering.
    • Includes template set for immediate mastering including slots for reference songs.
    • Robust tutorial in the lesson view giving workflow example to walk you through mastering.
    • Polish your mix up for soundcloud, the club floor, or for your mastering engineer.
    • Dial in a respectable final loudness level which doesn’t over squash natural dynamics.
    • Discover flaws in your own process. Learn, refine, and grow.
    • Also includes dynamic-contrast-increasing “unmastering” rack.

  • pmx fx harpegiattorpmx fx strumtrain

    PMX FX

    Price £16.50

    PMX FX is made up of Ableton Live racks for adding pseudo-realistic functions to different instrument types.

    • Includes updated versions of racks originally packaged alongside various PMX-300 instruments plus brand new racks.
    • 15 Audio Effects designed for Drums, Bass, Ambient, Pads, Mallets, Guitars, Harpsichords, Organs, Experimental, Pianos, Plucked, Rhythmic, Brass, Strings, & Woodwinds.
    • 4 MIDI Effects which add supplemental functionality to guitar, bass guitar, & harp instruments.
    • Plus a Container Instrument with filter which follows played input notes.

  • Ableton Live Packs Niche Collection Bussification Master BusAbleton Live Pack Niche Collection Guitaritis Performodule Collection Four

    Niche Collection – Purposeful Oddities

    Price £55.00
    The Niche Collection consists of Ableton Live Packs which are unique tools designed for specific uses.
    • Instrument processing
    • Sound design
    • Live performance...

    Checkout the Full Contents in the accordions below!