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  • Arcade Series Returns Space Invaders MaxforLive Generative Sequencer

    Space Invaders – Coin Op Inspired Sequencer

    Price £13.99
    The Arcade Series Returns concludes with Space Invaders, a rotating pulse generator designed specifically for triggering drum machines. Independent patterns/rows of ‘Invaders’ are set up in the separate invader engines to the right. These patterns can be static or moving from left to right and have their own parameters which effect note generation.
  • Crumar Mulitman Noiss Coko

    Crumar Multiman – NOISS COKO

    Price £0.00

    Based on recorded samples from the original Crumar Multiman-S keyboard first made in 1977, this polyphonic sampler features six different instruments.

    Also includes extra parameters which are not integrated in the hardware version, such as frequency modulation, filters and envelopes, among others.

  • ADM_Drums_AfroDjMac

    Drums – AfroDJMac’s Grand Collection

    Price £59.00

    An amalgamated collection of more than a hundred and fifty Drum Racks, one thousand Drum Loops, and two thousand Drum Hits crafted by AfroDJMac over the years, organized into a single mega pack which installs the vast content into one's Ableton Live Library in a usable structure for instantaneous creativity.

    151 Drum Racks +1430 Loops + 80 MIDI Clips + 4 inst racks + 2333 drum hits!!

  • ULTRAKICK-2-OscPartials

    ULTRAKICK – Kick Drum Synth

    Price £26.00

    ULTRAKICK is a state-of-the-art Max for Live kick drum synthesizer based on two oscillators and a noise generator. Its intuitive user interface allows for great control and precision.

    • 100% synthesis: no samples involved.
    • 8 partials per oscillator with unprecedented options for sound design.
    • Tuning: move all frequency-related envelopes up or down with a single click.
    • Spread settings for frequency envelopes: create organic sounds with no effort.
    • Action menus for quick actions like envelope randomization and osc partial presets.
    • Accurate waveform image rendering.
    • Numerical envelope point programming for high precision sound design.
    • Robust preset system with easily interchangeable preset files (66 presets are included).
  • Arcade Series Returns MaxforLive DeviceArcade Series Returns Ghosts MaxforLive Device

    Arcade Series Returns

    Price £27.50

    The Arcade Series Returns is the follow up to the hugely successful MaxforLive Generative Sequencers the Arcade Series ONE. Designed by Ableton Certified trainer Mark Towers and inspired by classic retro Arcade Games each one can provide inspiration for rhythm or melody!

    Consisting of four MaxforLive generative sequencers, the Arcade Series Returns can help defeat writers block or be the beginning of that inspirational piece of music. Each device is fully compatible and controllable with 8x8 grid based controllers Push 1, Push 2, Launchpad MINI, MK1, MK2 & PRO and the Native Instruments Maschine Jam.

    Across the Arcade Series Returns is an inbuilt loop feature which can work on an individual element or globally. When you come up with a rhythm or melody you want to save you can also press a single button and export the pattern directly into an Ableton Live MIDI clip.