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Ebosuite Demo MaxforLive Video Devices

EboSuite DEMO

This is the Trial version of EboSuite!

EboSuite is a collection of MaxforLive devices that allow you to play and mix video from Ableton Live Clips.

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Ebosuite MaxforLive Video Devices


EboSuite is a collection of MaxforLive devices that allow you to play and mix video from Ableton Live Clips.

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ONE Collection

Combining the Spectral ONE & Graphik ONE packs, the ONE Collection is all you need to get started in adding visuals with MaxforLive to your Ableton Live performance.

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Visual Collection MaxforLve Visualisers

Visual Collection – Ned Rush

The Ned Rush Visual Collection brings together his two MaxforLive Visual Devices Packs released to date with a discount for getting both at the same time!

  • World Viewer
  • Texta
  • MorphAudio
  • 3DWave
  • HyperZorb
  • NedScope
  • GeoSynth PRO
  • Brainwash HD
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Starter Collection MaxforLive Visualizers

Starter Collection – Ned Rush

The Ned Rush Starter Collection was our first MaxforLive Visual Devices Pack bringing together our popular Solo devices into one World Viewer Compatible Pack!

Each of the individual World Modules can be used multiple times and we’ll continue to add to the line up over a period of time, you’ll need a World Viewer to start you off in every case so the Starter pack kicks of with…

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Graphic ONE MaxforLive Visualiser Devices

Graphik One

After months of hard work, audio/visual artist Chris Vik brings you another set of real-time visual devices to Isotonik Studio’s World Collection for your Ableton Live sets.

Graphik ONE comprises of 3 highly versatile MaxForLive devices that focus on turning 2D images into sonically-modulated 3D objects; it breaks out of the World Collection’s colour palette system to let you “borrow” palettes from absolutely any image, drastically expanding the visual possibilities. Make sure to check out the official Collab Alliance video clip to see a small glimpse of what the pack can do.

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Retro Collection MaxforLive Visualizers

Retro Collection – Ned Rush

The Retro Collection, formerly known as the Video Collection, as a pack of MaxforLive Visual devices were Ned’s first forays into the visualiser world. We’ve updated them all to be compatible with our World Viewer which  is included within the pack so that you can use multiples of each device and render to the single World Viewer window!

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VOID MaxforLive Visualizers

Void – Sem Shimla

Sem Shimla is the quiet genius behind a batch of the visual FX in our World Viewer device, he’s been working behind the scenes generally improving everything we do up until now with the release of his first (hopefully of many) World Collection Packs, VOID!

Made up of four World Modules that can output their visuals to the included World Viewer, Void is designed to work with both Audio & MIDI producing sync visuals to enhance your Ableton Live Performance or Production.

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Spectral ONE MaxforLive Visualizers

Spectral One

Chris Vik enters Isotonik Studio’s World Collection with his first set of visual devices, Spectral One, that will give you visuals that make your music look as good as it sounds.

Vik’s years of specialisation in Max and audio-analysis shines in this pack of MaxforLive Visual Devices that will dismantle your sounds into tiny fragments and reconstruct them on screen with his four, highly responsive and extremely versatile, audio-reactive visualisers.

All the devices are designed from the ground up to work with the World Collection’s color palette system, meaning no matter how you combine them, your visuals will always look right.

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