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  • Yves Big City Delorean Dream Novation Circuit Pack

    Delorean Dream – Yves Big City

    Price £13.99

    Delorean Dream is an brand new 80s Odyssey pack for the Novation Circuit, the biggest yet released through Isotonik Studios

    Consisting of Circuit Synth Patches, Sessions & Samples it's enough to fill a whole Circuit in one go!!

    If you're familiar with Roland Juno fat brass, warm bass & crystaline bells, get ready for some 80's Cocktail sounds.

    With a Synth fusion of Drive Style, John Carpenter and Depeche Mode this pack will turn your Novation Circuit into a portable 80s box.

    Catch here and now the classic sound but with a special twist for each preset.

  • Jim Drones Cataclysmic Impact Circuit Patches

    Cataclysmic Impact – Jim Drones

    Price £9.99

    Cataclysmic Impact for Novation Circuit is the latest soundpack from professional sound designer, Jim Drones. Whereas his earlier soundpacks Stratospheric and Origins Beyond provide the essentials, Cataclysmic Impact takes Circuit into new esoteric territory.

    Cataclysmic Impact in part features an assortment of percussive synth patches that allow sequencing of multiple synthetic drum sounds within a single synth track at once. These allow you to create beats with a kick, snare, and hi hat using only synth part one or two when used by design. Place these on both synth sections and have up to six synthetic drums at once(possibly even more with creative motion sequencing). This method frees up your sample slots for non percussive sounds if desired, or a mixture of both.

  • Future Frontiers – Lightfinger

    Price £9.99

    Future Frontiers is Lightfinger's second pack of patches for the Novation Circuit and this time he's gone large! (plus there's a bonus Sample Set Collection bundled with it too!)

    46 more patches for Circuit using new techniques not explored in Circuit Patches Volume 1. Ranging from pretty bells to crunchy growls, this varied collection of Basses, Leads, Arpeggios, Pads, Keyboards, and SFX is sure to inspire you.

    With standardized Macro settings, you can know your knobs before you tweak!

  • Novation Circuit Patch Store Nice & Naughty Tom Cosm

    Nice & Naughty – Tom Cosm

    Price £9.99

    We've been following Tom's work for years, his MegaSet principle in Ableton Live was the core inspiration for one of our most popular devices, Follow. Always innovating, the Novation Circuit appealed to his nature of expression and now we proudly present his first pack of patches. Here's what Tom has to say about them...

    "I wanted to make a pack that was great for people starting out. Powerful sounds and no confusing configurations. Something that is both half simple and half intense. Nice and naughty has the left 16 patches as good solid foundations to lay down ideas (smooth stabby basses, punchy leads, lush evolving pads etc), and the right most 16 has sounds that can get extreme and have wild variation using the Macro dials.

    They are arranged so the first row is basslines, the second row is leads, the third row is pads and the fourth row is FX. I find this the most straight forward way to quickly load in another patch, as I love swapping them out on the fly not knowing what the next one is going to sound like, but being sure the sound is the same category as the last.

    The macro knobs change depending on the patch, but usually the first four are OSC and modulation related, the last four are filter, distortion and chorus related.

    I hope you enjoy this pack as much as I enjoyed creating it." / TOM

  • Jim Drones Origins Beyond Circuit Patches

    Origins Beyond – Jim Drones

    Price £9.99

    Jim Drones is a patch designer for numerous award winning VST software instruments, creating many of the sounds taken for granted these days. We’re thrilled to present his debut hardware synth sound pack for us at Isotonik Studios! Here's what Jim has to say...

    "Origins Beyond consists of not only a selection of cutting-edge signature patches within the soundpack, but also offers Circuit users the ability to have both random and consistent macro assignments for optimal workflow. Each patch is designed to allow users of either workflow preference to use them to personal taste, with the ability to expand upon the hybrid random vs. structured macro approach when customizing. From atmospheric ambient drones, filthy basses, arps, and screaming leads, this pack features a wide array of sounds that are perfect all for Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, and Breaks." / JIM

    NOTE: This pack has been previously available as Origins Beyond - Robert E Cecil

  • Brutal Cacophony – My Panda Shall Fly

    Price £9.99

    A massive coup for us at Isotonik was the signing of esteemed Circuit Artist My Panda Shall Fly, with his early videos of the Circuit in use we just knew we had to have him on our team. Brutal Cacophony is the results of his first pack, designed to push the boundaries of noise, here's his words in introduction....

    The ultimate collection in terror-induced exaggerated unpredictability, encouraging maniacal experimentation for extreme instrumental freakage and/or wild other-worldly sound design curiosities. Use with caution!

  • Circuit Patches Volume One – Lightfinger

    Price £9.99

    Lightfinger brings the Science to patch creation, exploring the Novation Circuits hidden depths and extending it's sonic arsenal, in this has first pack of patches for Isotonik you'll find many of his trademark sounds as Light himself explains....

    Volume ONE contains 41 dynamic patches created for the Novation Circuit. There are a wide variety of pads, basses, leads, keys and SFX that are suitable for many genres. With a constant layout for the Macro Settings you'll still find plenty of hidden surprises so load your little black box with fresh sonic science!

    BONUS ONE - All purchases include a FREE download of the Future Retro Sample Sets, 5 custom Sample Sets for the Novation Circuit  with over 250 dynamic samples featuring Hi-Tec Hits, Sci-Fi Stingers, FX Stabs, Electronic Percussion and Tonal Elements!

  • Jim Drones Stratospheric Circuit Patches

    Stratospheric – Jim Drones

    Price £9.99

    The first pack from Jim Drones, Origins Beyond, went down a storm, eager to explore different avenues of sound this follow up is released under his Jim Drones persona.

    The Stratospheric Soundpack by Jim Drones features 32 professionally designed patches for Novation Circuit with focus on ambient drones and soundscapes in mind. It also consists of lush pads and evolving strings, dirty 303 basses, hoovers, lead synths, and abyssmal sound effecs. Perfect for producing a variety of other genres as well, such as Trance, Acid, Breaks, Progressive, and Drum and Bass...

  • Mind Travellers – EmyNona

    Price £9.99

    Emynona came to our attention through the Circuit Owners Group on Facebook, always up for a challenge and constantly asking questions. We loved his entries to the Circuit Challenges and invited him on board. His first pack for us is a delight, watch the video for a taste of whats included, it's not the usual!

    I completely assume the weirdness of my silly creation. I’m too. hope you’ll share this crazyness. May music never stop to surprise us and keep open the mind travel....

  • Cuckoo Pack 2 Novation Circuit Patches

    Circuit Pack Two – Cuckoo

    Price £9.99

    I've made a pack of 32 fun to play, diverse sounds. Many of which are especially geared towards melodic music, and keyboard players. There are gritty, fluffy, soft, old school, piano like sounds etc. They all work really well for Circuit stand-alone grooving as well. I think all of the sounds react to velocity too, so don't forget to use the velocity on the Circuit!

    In most of my sounds I approach the macro knobs in the same way, to make it easier to know what to expect from each knob.

    1. OSC1 sound variation
    2. OSC2 sound variation
    3. Envelope
    4. Filter
    5. LFO
    6. The Joker ;-) (dramatic effects)
    7. Chorus
    8. Distortion

    The macro knobs are meant to be used. Use them! I hope you'll find the sounds useful! Cheers! /CUCKOO

  • Bo Nurmi Coffee & Beats Novation Circuit Patches

    Coffee & Beats Volume One – BoBeats

    Price £9.99

    With one of the most prolific outputs of tutorials for getting the most out of the Novation Circuit, BoBeats was an obvious choice for our line up of Circuit Artists… We hope you’ll love his Coffee & Beats series as much as we do… Here’s what Bo has to say about it himself…

    The idea behind this Novation Circuit pack is flexibility! Each sound can be used in many ways and fill more than one role. The sounds are not defined by genre, instead they encourage exploration. My hope is that they will inspire you! / Bo from Bobeats