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  • Chance_TEN_ParameterChance_TEN_Velocity_Sequencer

    Chance TEN – Probability Based Inspiration

    Price £21.99

    The Chance TEN pack is a set of simple MaxforLive devices based on probability and randomness, inspired by the scripts used by Brian Eno. These MIDI devices allow you to set the probability of notes passing through or being altered, in their pitch and velocity values. Other devices use MIDI input to trigger parameters in Live. Creating these as single function devices allows you to mix and match as you like and create unique MIDI FX chains.

    As a bonus, you also get one device which is not based on chance, a velocity sequencer which will change the velocity of any incoming notes, instantly adding movement and life to any dry MIDI

  • LP Pack LDM Devices MaxforLive Sequencers for the Novation Launchpadparagome MaxforLive Sequencer for the Novation LaunchPad

    LP Pack – For the Novation LaunchPad

    Price £21.50

    The LP Pack from LDM Design is a further extension of the work you may have already seen on LDM Design website the home of such beauties as Manglerack & Hepta Delay.

    Their first three devices for us combine into an awesome pack of MaxforLive Sequencers for the Novation LaunchPad, compatible with the MKI, MKII, S and MINI Variants.

    • Orbit
    • Paragome
    • S7epper MKII
  • P2D SessionP2D Sequence Push 2 Display

    P2D-Combination Pack – For the Push Two Display

    Price £55.00

    The P2D-Combination pack for the Ableton Push 2 combines all of the P2D devices along with the P2D-PLUS upgrade in one handy package at a discounted price!

    • P2D Session
    • P2D Sequence
    • P2D
  • Ableton Live Packs Niche Collection Bussification Master BusAbleton Live Pack Niche Collection Guitaritis Performodule Collection Four

    Niche Collection – Purposeful Oddities

    Price £55.00
    The Niche Collection consists of Ableton Live Packs which are unique tools designed for specific uses.
    • Instrument processing
    • Sound design
    • Live performance...

    Checkout the Full Contents in the accordions below!

  • PerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way SplytterPerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way Splytter

    Clinicality Collection – Technical Tools

    Price £55.00

    The Clinicality Collection includes Ableton Live packs for​ technical tasks, workflow optimization, templates, non-audio devices. Consisting of nine previously available PerforModule Live Packs this is a bargain Mega pack!

    • Advanced Splytterz
    • Amplitude Operands
    • Dephaultz Rack Pack
    • Groovification 1 & 2
    • Harmonicality
    • Note Range Setters
    • Testy Mastering
    • TranzMuterz & Electorz

  • MouthBreather

    Sound Design Collection – SynFX, StreakFX & MouthBreather

    Price £27.50

    SynFX joins StreakFX and MouthBreather to form the Sound Design Collection by StrangeLines and saving you a heap of cash on purchasing the Max for Live Audio Devices separately!

  • DynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Ableton Live PackDynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Dynamixing Three Ableton Live Pack Auto Sculptor

    DynaMixing Ultimate

    Price £55.00

    PerforModule's entire curated collection of audio effect racks designed for mixing, including all devices from the previous packs DynaMixing One through Five, Ionic FX, and continuing brand-new racks. Many of the devices feature signal-reactivity to enhance their capabilities.

    In All there's well over 70 themed Ableton Live racks within this pack, we've divided them in to their use case below and you'll see a full description of each within the accordions. Each device is fully annoyed as well so you can simply drop it into a track and then open Lives help view to get further insight on how to use it.

  • Modulation Pack MaxforLive Audio Devices for Ableton Live by Noiss CokoAM Module MaxforLive Audio Device by Noiss Coko

    Modulation Pack – AM Modulation & FM Delays

    Price £27.50
    The Modulation Pack is a collection of four MaxforLive devices designed by NOISS COKO, developer of the Control Pack.

    AM Modulation & FM Delays, this pack for Ableton Live give powerful control of your audio!

    • AM Module
    • FM Delay
    • AM Chain
    • Delay Chain
  • Ableton Live DJ Collection DJ SlicerAbleton Live DJ Collection Hot Cues

    DJ Collection – DJ Hot Cues, Looping & Slicing

    Price £27.50

    The DJ Collection brings together a set of MaxforLive devices designed to mimic the feature sets of popular DVS systems like Serato & Traktor

    • DJ HotCues
    • DJ Looper
    • DJ Slicer

  • Follow Scene ThumbnailSMART FIVE Product Master Thumbnail

    Modular Series – Follow, Smart, Looper, Isotonik FX

    Price £30.00
    UPDATED: Follow SCENE & SMART now compatible with Live 10!

    The Modular Series consists of essential Max4Live Utilities for Ableton Live, Follow Actions for Scenes, On the Fly Looping, SMART FX and More...

  • Modular Series LE Free MaxforLive DevicesModular Series LE MaxforLive Devices for Ableton Live Roller

    Modular Series LE – One Feature per MaxforLive Device

    Price £0.00

    Over the last few years we've gathered together a whole host of MaxforLive devices from members of the Isotonik Collective that do simple things well and called them the Modular Series LE, now we're literally giving them away.

  • Ned Rush Audio Collection FX Pack MaxforLive Audio Effect for Ableton Live DirtyEchoNed Rush Glitch Pack Stitch MaxforLive Audio Effect for Ableton Live

    Ned Rush Audio Collection – FX & Glitch Packs Combined

    Price £45.00

    Ned Rush's Audio Collection comprises all of the devices of both the Glitch & FX Packs, and comes in at a discount on purchasing both separately!