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Drum & Bass Foundations TWO by Techtronix

The last word in Drum and Bass.

Drum and Bass Foundations 2 is a continuation of all things drum and bass, this time with a focus on the more modern, dark, precise and clinical sounds.
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks (Please Note: Not Compatible with OG Novation Circuit)



Drum & Bass Foundations by Techtronix

Inspired by the likes of Calyx, Teebee and Photek, this pack aims to bring back that golden era of DnB.

Dnb foundations goes straight to the heart of DnB. Drums and bass, This pack is full of punchy kicks, snares, reeces, 808 modulations, and unique low end bass patches. All drums have been created using Xfer Serum. As well as drums and bass, there is a whole sea of lead sounds to bring your sessions to life. Topped off by lush pads to keep your ears wanting more and more
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note Sessions are not Compatible with OG Circuit)




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