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  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ArpEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Tools

    eraserMice Collection – OSCular, ProSession & Cognition

    Price £32.00

    We've gathered together all of the MaxforLive Devices from eraserMice's trio of packs and presented them as one bargain bundle!

    • ProSession Mixing Tools
    • Cognition Idea Tools
    • OSCular Series
  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ToolsEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Arp

    CogNition Idea Tools – Break your Writers Block

    Price £17.50

    We’ve all experienced the dreaded blank page, or even gotten bored and stale with a project we’ve been staring at for maybe a bit too long. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to spice up a session or arrangement for use live. The CogNition Idea Tools are just what the Dr. ordered!

  • EraserMice Collection OSCular Series

    OSCular Series – Control Live via OSC

    Price £17.50

    The OSCular Series is a bundle of Maxforlive devices to seamlessly connect and control Ableton Live with the OSC Protocol. They're each designed by eraserMice who's most notably famous for his learnMax tutorials over on Youtube.

    With them you can quickly create powerful performance templates for use with various external applications like VDMX for VJing, TouchOSC for your Mac device, Qlab for Multimedia performances with a wide range of controllers.

    Plus Reaktor, Renoise, Pure Data Plogue Bidule, VVV Touchdesigner, Isadora, Reaper, Coge, Supercollider, Circle, OSCulator, Vuo and many many others…

  • ProSession Mixing Tools – Session in Arrangement View

    Price £17.50

    Forget all the limitations you’ve come to accept in Lives window layout! The eraserMice ProSession mixing tools are the original “sidecar” devices that let you simultaneously take advantage of session view, mixers and devices in heretofore unimagined ways…