MaxforLive Control Devices

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  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ArpEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Tools

    eraserMice Collection – OSCular, ProSession & Cognition

    Price £32.00

    We've gathered together all of the MaxforLive Devices from eraserMice's trio of packs and presented them as one bargain bundle!

    • ProSession Mixing Tools
    • Cognition Idea Tools
    • OSCular Series
  • EraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI ToolsEraserMice Collection Cognition MIDI Arp

    CogNition Idea Tools – Break your Writers Block

    Price £17.50

    We’ve all experienced the dreaded blank page, or even gotten bored and stale with a project we’ve been staring at for maybe a bit too long. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to spice up a session or arrangement for use live. The CogNition Idea Tools are just what the Dr. ordered!