ADM PLUNK by Brian Funk


ADM PLUNK contains an assortment of Instruments for Ableton Live, featuring a teeming horde of guitar, plucked, clav and organ style instruments, coalesced together from various Brian Funk packs over the years. Punchy, retro vibes can be found here galore, eschewing the rat race of modernism for a vintage aesthetic.
Developer: Brian Funk
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+


ADM PLUNK is a collection of Instrument Racks for Ableton Live consisting of Guitar, Plucked, Clav and Organ types, sourced from various packs offered by Brian Funk over the years. It includes 69 “Guitar & Plucked” and 53 “Vintage” category instruments. While Guitar & Plucked is self-descriptive, the Vintage category includes the Clav and Organ instruments.

PLUNK’s sampled instruments include sources that are both acoustic and electronic. They have been recorded by Brian Funk using various methods to add interest to the results, such as processing through analog gear on the way in. They are presented in innovative instrument racks with custom crafted macro controls for easy manipulation of the resulting sounds within sensible bounds.

Guitar & Plucked
These instruments include various electric, acoustic, and synthesized guitars. There are presets with distortion and presets which play chords, and of course clean melodic ones, as well as some odd weirdos here and there. Miscellanous non-guitar plucked synth instruments round out the collection, helpful when looking for more exotic sounds to work with.

Clavichords are similar to guitars in the sense that they are both Chordophones, vibrating a plucked string held taut between two points. A harpsichord has more of a twangy, guitar-like texture than a piano does, for instance, and so thus their inclusion here. Organs have a delightfully unique range of textures, quite useful for adding atmosphere to a mix. Organs may be useful for adding dense quality that ranges anywhere from cultured, classical refinement to a dank, smoky rock vibe.

ADM PLUNK contains sounds and instruments carefully and lovingly crafted by Brian Funk, an experienced Ableton Certified Trainer and curious sound designer. Each instrument was built to satisfy his own personal needs and desires in musical instrument design. ADM PLUNK was curated and organized by Animus Invidious of PerforModule for Isotonik Studios.


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