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ClyphX Pro Keys

A ClyphX Pro Accessory


ClyphX Pro Keys is an add on accessory for ClyphX Pro that unlocks ClyphX Pro’s Key Actions allowing you to use ClyphX Pro to send keystrokes and mouse events.

Developer: nativeKONTROL
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: ClyphX Pro v1.0.5 or later


ClyphX Pro can control virtually every aspect of Live Sets, but there are some things that it cannot control. For example, it cannot control some of Live’s view settings (such as Show/Hide Mixer Section), control Live’s Browser or even save the Live Set. These sorts of things still have to be done with a keyboard and/or mouse. This is precisely where ClyphX Pro Keys comes in.

ClyphX Pro Keys allows ClyphX Pro to send any keystroke or combination of keystrokes and can also emulate the mouse. In this way, any Live function accessible from a keystroke or shortcut can be accessed and mouse automations can also be achieved.

To accomplish this, ClyphX Pro Keys utilizes a small application called MT Player that is powered by the ultra reliable Bome’s Midi Translator engine. MT Player is included with your purchase of ClyphX Pro Keys.


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Founded in January of 2008 by Sam ‘Stray’ Hurley, nativeKONTROL offers innovative software solutions for intelligent and elegant control over DAWs (primarily Ableton Live) via MIDI controllers/control surfaces. nativeKONTROL’s products are currently in use by tens of thousands of performers and producers worldwide. To date, nativeKONTROL’s PXT Series for Ableton Push and ClyphX Pro control surface script, essentially a simple scripting language for Ableton Live, are its most widely known and used products. nativeKONTROL has also collaborated with many performers, producers, hardware manufacturers and software developers on customized solutions over the years. Most notably, nativeKONTROL worked with a team at Ableton to create the Launchpad Pro control surface script that is included with Live 9.

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