Explore the deep & dubby side of the Novation Circuit


Cosmogonik is the first pack for the Novation Circuit from long standing Isotonik Collective member LDM Design. Designed around the theme of Dub Techno you’ll find consistent macros and a dark dubby style to the patches, samples and sessions. OG Circuit Pack – Contains – Samples, Sessions, Patches Circuit Tracks Pack – Contains – Samples, Patches Only
Developer: LDM Design
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit


The Cosmogonik pack is based around the sounds of Dub Techno & Ambient but also influenced by deeper Dubstep and Halfstep DnB, and many of the sounds will work with other minimal and deep genres of electronic music.

Many of the chord sounds are designed to be used with a generous amount of delay and reverb, as can be heard in the included sessions.

The OG Circuit pack contains 32 patches, 32 samples and 16 sessions whilst the Circuit Tracks Pack contains the Patches and Samples only.

The samples include 6 kicks, 8 closed hats, 6 open hats, 5 snares and 7 other percussion/SFX sounds.

Macro Mappings:

The majority of the patches for the OG Circuit have the same mapping for the Macros except for one or 2 which are a little more customized. The Circuit Tracks Macros have been updated to reflect the labelling on the physical synth wherever possible

Novation Circuit Patches Included:

1 – 13 Chord sounds (but can be used as leads)
14 – 16 Leads
17 – 21Bass
22 – 32Leads/SFX

Novation Circuit Patch names:

  1. Dubstab
  2. Cloudbeard
  3. DTec
  4. Immersion
  5. AliceKlar
  6. Unicorn
  7. AlphaMethy
  8. Badland
  9. Bape
  10. Foraeps
  11. Forgotten
  12. Sektor2
  13. SeaShanty
  14. Climax
  15. Booman
  16. Bellend
  17. SubDepth
  18. BubbaHo
  19. Chass
  20. Grawl
  21. Liquidic
  22. Jhitt
  23. pArp2
  24. Sinensis
  25. Grommer
  26. Insector
  27. Oktagon
  28. Oktagram
  29. Psqwelch
  30. Tapheel
  31. Syren
  32. Vorok


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LDM Devices

LDM Design is a project which started life in 2016, recreating Monome apps in Max For Live to use natively on the Launchpad Mini, which are still freely available on his website. He also created the popular glitchy multi-FX sequencer devices Manglerack and MangleFX, influenced by the legendary Illformed Glitch VST. Since then the project has expanded into making all kinds of M4L devices, always taking care in designing a clean, unique GUI. Many of his devices also show a love for introducing various degrees of chaos and probability into music production. His first release for Isotonik, the LP Pack, continued recreating and improving upon classic Monome apps and original ideas to expand the creative potential of the Novation Launchpad Mk1 and Mk2. Next, as a homage to the great Brian Eno and his creative processes, LDM then released the best-selling Chance 10 Pack, which is a selection of modules utilizing chaos and probability to affect various elements of production. There are a number of great free devices available on his website – Chords in Key converts single MIDI notes into chords based on a set key, Gravity Delay is a fun ‘bouncing ball’ MIDI delay, and Autosputter is for live glitchy audio slicing, based on the old Instajungle VST. LDM Design continues to work on projects for Isotonik and his own website which will be available soon.

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