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The Dephaultz Rack Pack now consists of 99 effect racks that give you the basic range of controls for every core function built into Ableton Live 9.7’s built-in audio effects, with relevant parameters mapped to the 8 macros to give ultimate flexibility coupled with precision.

The pack includes every single audio effect that is available with Ableton Live 9 Standard and Suite. Some of the effects have one rack which covers its complete functionality. Many effects, however, have different dephault racks to supply different primary capability types.

It is recommended to make your own set of default racks for each effect and this download saves you the grunt work with a cohesive set.




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LIVE 10 Update

Dephaultz for Live 10
Includes the 100 racks for Live 9 plus 15 new racks covering functionality of the Drum Buss, Echo, and Pedal devices, as well as new 3 new EQ racks, one making use of the expanded low range down to 10Hz of EQ Eight.

Drum Buss – Hard Dephault
Drum Buss – Medium Dephault
Drum Buss – Soft Dephault
Drum Comp – Hard Dephault
Drum Comp – Medium Dephault
Drum Comp – Soft Dephault

Echo – Filter Dephault
Echo – Humanizer Dephault
Echo – Noise Gen Dephault
Echo – Reverb Dephault
Echo – Rhythmic Dephault
Echo – Wahbble Dephault

Pedal – Distort Dephault
Pedal – Fuzz Dephault
Pedal – Overdrive Dephault

EQ Eight – High Focus Dephault
EQ Eight – Low Focus Dephault

EQ Eight – Mid Focus Dephault

“Why are custom default racks useful? I can just save effect presets.”

1) Instant Mapped Hardware Control. You will have for each basic effect a rack with 8 macros which are easy to control with a midi controller which uses Instant Mapping (usually controllers like this have a row of 8 knobs which correspond to the selected rack’s 8 macros — whichever Dephaultz Rack Pack has the “blue hand” will automatically be controlled by those 8 midi controller hardware knobs).
For more on instant mappings, open up the help view in Live & click the “Midi Controllers” section. Then go to page 7.

To create your own remote scripts with which to make your own instant mappings, check this out: CLICK HERE

2) Parameter Clarity. Some of the devices have exotic parameters which might not make sense at first. These racks help one to understand the function of parameters by how they are mapped and named.

3) Default Macro Positions. [See the PerforModule blog post previous to this one] Set the default poitions which snap back on clicking the “delete” key to what YOU want. You can re-save the presets after tweaking the knobs to your favorite starting positions.

4) Categorization. As per the “organize like a boss” PerforModule blog post, you can make these racks appear in the “categories” section of your browser. Very useful. (if following the install instructions below, this will occur automatically)

5) Just Because. It’s nice having default racks you can drop in with sweet starting position to quickly tweak for particular results.

Dephaultz Rack Pack Contents:

Amp Cab Dephaultz – Bass / Boost / Crisp / Guitar Chug / Guitar Crunch / Guitar Roots / Guitar Scorch / Guitar Solo

Different mics and cabinets were strategically set to different amp models for a range of multipurpose flavors. Most of these will be best suited to guitar-like timbres, but the first three – “Crisp” in particular – can be beneficial on almost any type of source material

Auto Filter Dephaultz – BandPass / HighPass / LowPass / Notch

Auto Pan Dephaultz – Sync / UnSync

Beat Repeat Dephaultz – Crazy / Logical

Chorus Dephaultz – Mod1 / Mod2 / Single

A not-that-commonly-used compressor feature, frequency response, kicks in if the “FreQ Resp.” macro is moved above or below 500Hz. (Use this if you want your signal to compress based only on a certain frequency element of itself)

Corpus Dephaultz – Beam / Marimba / Membrane / Pipe / Plate / String / Tub

EQ Three Dephaultz – Rough / Flat

Filter Delay Dephaultz – Digital / Tape / Narrowing / Widening

Frequency Shifter – Synced / Unsynced

Ping Pong Delay Dephaultz – Digital / Tape

Simple Delay Dephaultz – Digital / Tape / Offsetter (great for quick and easy stereo widening)

Looper – Live Jam Dephault

Set to be able to jam on an input instrument and make a starting loop which the ableton time then matches

Phaser Dephaultz – Earth Envelope / Space LFO

Reverb Dephaultz – Entrance / Hallway / Moon

Resonator Dephaultz

Saturator Dephaultz – Waveshaper / Analog / Digital / Hard / Medium / Sinoid / Soft

The “Saturator – Default” can choose between the different saturation types except for “waveshaping”, which has its own default due to more complex controls.

Spectrum Dephaultz – Basic (maximum efficiency) / High Frequency / Pitch / Peaks HQ / RMS HQ

The “Basic” Spectrum is set to maximum efficieny for multiple instances… go ahead and throw one on every track. The “High Frequency” and “HQ” Spectrums are set to maximum accuracy for those specific functions and therefore ideal for precision monitoring.

Vocoder Dephaultz – External (make sure to set the sidechain source) / Noise / Pitch-Tracking (best with monophonic melodics) / Self.

Vinyl Distortion Dephaultz – Dubplate / Record

NOTE: Dephaultz Rack Pack is also available as part of the Clinicality Collection – CLICK HERE

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