Drums by Brian Funk

The Grand Collection


An amalgamated collection of more than a hundred and fifty Drum Racks, one thousand Drum Loops, and two thousand Drum Hits crafted by AfroDJMac over the years, organized into a single mega pack which installs the vast content into one’s Ableton Live Library in a usable structure for instantaneous creativity.

151 Drum Racks 1430 Loops 80 MIDI Clips 4 inst racks 2333 drum hits!!

Developer: AfroDJMac
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+


ADM DRUMS contains the complete collection of drum and percussion content sourced from premium Brian Funk aka AfroDJMac packs spanning the beginning of the release history through the first half of 2018. The racks, loops, and samples it contains have been updated, reorganized, and presented in a self-installing Ableton Live pack for intensive, comprehensive access. It includes a truly vast array of useful audio production resources, weighing in at a rich 1.6 GB.

Includes drum racks, loops, and hits from the following ADM packs:

Analog Drums

Drum Fills

Foundational Drum Beats

Moog Phatty Glitch Drums

Super Tape Drums

Tuned Kick Drums

VHS Drums

Super 8-Bit


Smooth Pocket Operators

Toy Synths

64 Pad Mania

The self-installing ADM DRUMS presents you upon install with a robust lesson file detailing the creation of and inspriration behind each original ADM pack.

Once installed, the content will automatically appear in your User Library and will be accessible from the “Drums” category section of the browser.

In the pack are four main folders by which the content can also be accessed:

Drum Hits

Drum Kits

Drum Loops

Drum MIDI Clips

“Drum Hits” contains a gargantuan agglomeration of one-shot drum hits used in the racks, making it easy to build your own unique custom drum kits, or edit existing kits, by cueing and dropping them into drum rack, simpler, impulse, or sampler slots. It is possible to craft 34964575153744699083953429637868353479355 different 16-pad drum racks using these hits! That’s a big number.

“Drum Kits” contains over 150 tasty ADM Drum Racks, further subdivided by:

Chip Kits

Drum Machine Kits

Experimental Kits

Impulse Kits

Template Kits

VHS Kits

Within some are also found Drum Hit Category folders which contain racks focused on specific hit types.

“Drum Loops” contains a collossal assortment of drum and percussion audio loops which automatically fit the set’s tempo. Each loop has been gain-matched to within 0.1 integrated LUFS of each other for super-consistent default levels. They are subcategorized into:

Foundational Beats

PO Beats

Rap Man Beats

Snare Drum Fills

Tom Fills

“Drum MIDI Clips” contains a swell series of MIDI patterns, originally designed to match with particular drum kits. However, potential fun is also to be had in experimenting with trying them out on any drum kit. Use them as starting points and edit the MIDI notes to suit the track you’re working on.

IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of DJWorx.com


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“My view is this is an amazing value when you consider that you are getting fantastic source material and meticulous racks (and more) by AfroDJMac – all wrapped with Isotonik Studios amazing organization. The end result are some inspiring kits you’ll be using right out of the gate –  and more importantly – all this organization will make it a snap for you to make your own custom drum racks.” – MODULATE THIS


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