Follow SCENE & CLIP XL by Isotonik Studios

Automatic Follow actions for Clips & Scenes


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UPDATE: FOLLOW SCENE XL – First Push 3 Standalone Version is now available!

Follow Actions come alive when they’re set automatically, especially when they can be used to trigger scenes and repeat phrases at will via MIDI!

If you work with a band or in a Worship context then Ableton Live can be awesome to play your backing tracks, with the MaxforLive device, Follow Scene you can trigger the next scene automatically and decide on the fly whether to repeat it again.

For the DJ & Live performer, mega sets can be created in half the time, split your clips and drop a Follow Clip device on the track and hey presto Follow actions happen automatically at the end of the clip, you won’t even believe what you could achieve with Dummy Clips and Audio Effects!

COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live 10 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
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    14 reviews for Follow SCENE & CLIP XL by Isotonik Studios

    1. sven

      I love this little tool or in other words – it’s one of the reasons why I use ableton live…
      I was looking for a tool, that can launch my multitrack sessions for a top 40 band and only start the next scene when the previous one is over… so I found the Follow Action for Scenses in a youtube video…
      But even better as the tool itself, is the support. I had problems with “stack overflows” – Don’t know if it’s a problem with my hardware setup or the software, but the support react DIRECTLY (I mean directly) and helped until the problem was resolved…
      So, now everything works fine, it’s easy to setup and I love it!!!!

    2. marek

      Follow is an amazing tool and one of the core plugins I use in every live performance set in Ableton to automate clip triggering (for the backing tracks/clips for example).
      It works so good that I sometimes forgot that its a plugin rather than a missing native feature and its very intuitive and simple to use.
      Give it a try – I am sure that you will love it!

    3. rootballa

      One amazing feature of Follow is it allows Session View to play in continuous Arrangement-like playback with ease. It is a great way to practice in Session and capture your creations in Arrangement. Follow has been a cornerstone to my default Live template for a while. Get it.

    4. Mario Medina

      This tool is absolutely ESSENTIAL for my band project. Thanks so much!

    5. dpierce

      The single most important tool in my arsenal of plugins and controllers. Follow is the reason why I build Ableton sets the way I do, and without Follow I could not do what I do nearly as well.

      Follow 5 is simply a better version of 4. Plain and simple. You want it. It is worth any price. Trust me.

    6. damian_lingg

      FLAWLESS plugin – love it! I trigger my whole live setup with it – saves me a lot of time. And the customer service is also very friendly, fast and helpful.
      Worth any price – get it!

    7. nigelhighlands

      If it wasn’t for this plugin, I wouldn’t even use Ableton Live. In fact, it’s so good, it’s insane to me that this doesn’t come bundled in the Live suite. If it sounds useful to you in the least bit, get it.

    8. cnr_king03

      This ad-on is essential for everything I do with Ableton. I don’t know how people are doing live performances without it!!! You guys are brilliant!!!

    9. sam.prestwich

      An absolute game-changer. The follow devices make being spontaneous with tracks so easy. If you’re in a band that uses tracks and you need a way to jump between sections or loop sections on the fly then this is for you. Great customer service, quick and helpful replies. Such a good investment!

    10. Lawrence

      This product is absolutely invaluable, has got better with every release, and makes running tracks and controlling stop/starts really simple. Plus I cannot commend the Isotonik team enough – they respond quickly to any queries and are genuinely interested in you getting the most out of their products.

    11. zachsmith

      This plugin is absolutely essential to anyone using live tracks or seeking flexibility in a setup (whether DJing, Worship, or backing tracks for a band that needs to be able to flow). Not to mention, the customer support is top notch.

    12. heymatt

      Follow Scene XL is the key plugin for my backingtrack-workflow in Ableton Live on stage. I highly recommend it to everyone who is working with backing tracks on stage. AND its first class customer support ist blazing fast.

    13. Mark

      Isotonik’s Follow is invaluable to me when running backing tracks live. Skip around the track, repeat sections etc …. everything is made so easy with Follow. Also, as everyone is alluding to, the Customer Service is excellent …….. fast and efficient.

    14. Dan

      Longtime user excited to upgrade to the XL version. I can’t run a live set without this tool. If you’re looking to split the difference between “press play” and “press a million buttons to keep launching clips” this is probably what you need. Basically gives me an arrangement without ever touching the Arrangement view but preserves all the flexibility of Session view. Must have.

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    Follow SCENE XL – first release for Push 3 Standalone


    Mac M1 compatibility
    Live 11 compatibility


    Follow SCENE Five released – Live 10 Compatibility

    Follow SCENE & CLIP XL by Isotonik Studios


    One of the most requested features of Ableton is the ability to set follow actions that occur at a clip end rather than a predetermined time.

    With our MaxforLive devices you can program automatic follow actions at clip end, and you can also trigger them at clip stop, define the clip number to be played next or even switch the Clip follow action to become a Scene follow action.

    This device has been very popular with users who run backing tracks in Ableton Live for a Live band, and DJ’s who split full tracks into individual clips to allow for perfect phrasing of their mixes…

    Working with both cropped and un-cropped audio you can even simply cue up the next Clip or Scene so that its ready to play.

    To make things simple the pack contains separate versions dependent on your use case, Follow Clip works on clips and many can be used in a set with the Follow Actions it creates working solely on the track within which it’s located. Follow Scene on the other hand runs follow actions for scenes (which will also observe changes to signature or BPM if written into the Scene name) and works as a single device in a set controlled buy a click track that contains clips of the length you wish your scenes to run for.

    Both give you the ability to write up to 8 additional options into the clip name that can be triggered to play next or immediately.

    With each Clip that plays you can additional define up to five other Clips or Scenes that could be triggered at Clip End, these can then be queued up via MIDI giving almost endless possibilities for variety in your live performances.

    The final piece of the jigsaw is the ability to set an action in hours, minutes and seconds and apply this to an unwarped clip.

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