Future Frontiers Lightfinger Novation Circuit Synth Patches

Future Frontiers – Lightfinger

Price £9.99

Future Frontiers is Lightfinger’s second pack of patches for the Novation Circuit and this time he’s gone large!




Future Frontiers is Lightfinger’s second pack of patches for the Novation Circuit and this time he’s gone large! (plus there’s a bonus Sample Set Collection bundled with it too!)

46 more patches for Circuit using new techniques not explored in Circuit Patches Volume 1. Ranging from pretty bells to crunchy growls, this varied collection of Basses, Leads, Arpeggios, Pads, Keyboards, and SFX is sure to inspire you.

With standardized Macro settings, you can know your knobs before you tweak!

Macros 1 & 2 control FILTER CUTOFF and RESONANCE respectively.
Macro 3 will always change the LENGTH of the sound (AMP RELEASE).
Macro 7 controls the CHORUS EFFECT.
Macro 8 is DISTORTION and will instantly make any sound more aggressive.
Macros 5, 6 & 7 are MYSTERY MACROS! They programmed specifically for each patch and are carefully designed to create dynamic and interesting changes to the sound.

GENRES –  Synthwave, Techno, Electro, House, Trap, Experimental, Industrial, IDM, Funk, Electronica, EDM, Ambient


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Future Frontiers is a Pack of 46 Patches to include individual .syx files and a single bank file.

  1. Dragon Stab
  2. Now Boarding
  3. BP Fazer
  4. AutoBass
  5. Limbo
  6. Flashback
  7. Gnarler
  8. Plissken
  9. 80’s Child
  10. Alienoids
  11. Analove
  12. Cosmo Vox
  13. Krill
  14. HP Fatness
  15. Secret Sub
  16. Shimmer
  17. BassFace
  18. Insert Coin
  19. The Leader
  20. Crunch Tom
  21. Burble
  22. Fuzzy Bells
  23. Silver Keys
  24. Vari-Pulse
  25. DonkDreamz
  26. Chimez
  27. Pongo
  28. Traveller
  29. E Pluck
  30. Replican
  31. Hardwood
  32. Nuevo Mono
  33. Jade Bass
  34. Flutterer
  35. Digisphere
  36. Polyfunk
  37. Giant Saw
  38. Mean Bass
  39. Nocturne
  40. King Vox
  41. Doubler
  42. Mono Growl
  43. Moska Keys
  44. Phone Fun
  45. Quasar Rust
  46. Jungle



  1. Jörg-Sven Pispisa (verified owner)

    Really cool Sounds, very versatile. And the added Drum Samples are a neat addition. Good Price too.Easy to add to the Circuit and really fun to use. Love the fact that some of the Knobs are fixed settings like Cutoff and Resonance for every sound. Should be standard.

  2. Fabio Barbon (verified owner)

    very nice, well balanced and usable patches.

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