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Isotonik Allen & Heath K Series – Performance Template

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Control Surface Script and MaxforLive Performance Template for the Allen & Heath K2 & K1 MIDI Controllers



The Allen & Heath K2 and K1 MIDI Controllers are a blank canvas ready for standard MIDI mapping, but of course that wasn’t enough for us here at Isotonik Studios, so we teamed up with Sigabort and started to brew our own solution!

The first step was to bring some APC40 style functionality to the controller as standard, you’ll benefit from the Red Box Clip Launch Rectangle on screen with clip launching from the 4 x 4 grid of buttons and with the two endless controllers at the bottom of the controller you can scroll the Red Box around the screen

As you navigate around your Ableton Live set the faders automatically map to the Volume of each track and the Pots control Send A, B and C volume. With the buttons being given over to control the Solo/Cue, Mute and Rec Arm you have a truly portable mixing solution…

So with an advanced Remote Script as part of the package it made sense to extend the functionality further and so in upgrading the Layers functionality of the Allen & Heath K2 we’ve created a MaxforLive device to add 4  banks of user configurable mapping to the Pots and associated buttons which can be mapped to follow the Red Box…

With the Button Matrix and Endless Encoders at the top of the controller as a second set of controls we’ve added On the Fly Looping functionality along with Slicer, DJ and Smart effects, to top things off we’ve added two more banks that you can configure to your preferences…

It’s also possible to use tow or more K2’s or K1’s, each needs to be connected directly via USB and will each have it’s own control surface slot. The Ring Focus Boxes on screen can move independently or can be synced with our LaunchSync Series MaxforLive devices

NOTE: The Control Surface Script element of the template is also available separately – CLICK HERE

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Q. What are the Minimum System Requirements?

A. Ableton Live 9.7 & MaxforLive 7

Q. What’s the Installation Process?

A. If the files provided end in .amxd then these should be downloaded and saved to a folder on your harddrive, the files can then either be dragged into your Live set with the mouse or you can add a file path to the folder they’re contained within in the Live Browser.

If the files provided end in .alp then these are Ableton Live Packs, double clicking them open will usually provide a warning regarding the files “Legacy” status, this is nothing to worry about, it’s just the only way we can make a pack that will install itself into your Live browser alongside the factory content.

Our Products are generally provided as Zip file downloads which in all cases will need to be extracted and saved to your hard drive prior to installation. Details on the different file type provided and what to do with them are below.

.alp Files – These are Ableton Live Packs and will install directly into the Packs Section of the browser of Ableton Live. When you double click on them you will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that installation is ok as the files are described as “Legacy”. This is fine and you are ok to proceed, the packs are created using the format for an earlier version of Live and so remain compatible with the current version.

.amxd files – These are individual MaxforLive Devices and can be stored anywhere on your hard drive. We’d advise creating a folder for them and then adding that folder as a location within the Places section of Lives Browser.

Control Surface Scripts – Please refer to the individual User Guides provided with your download

ClyphX Pro – Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product.

Novation Circuit Packs – These are provided as individual Sysex Files and as a complete bank file. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility.