Stratospheric & Cataclysmic Origins – Triple Pack – Jim Drones

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Especially compiled to mark the release of his fourth pack for the Novation Circuit, this triple pack of all of Jim Drones previous releases is an absolute bargain!


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The first pack from Jim Drones, Origins Beyond, went down a storm, eager to explore different avenues of sound this follow up is released under his Jim Drones persona.

The Stratospheric Soundpack by Jim Drones features 32 professionally designed patches for Novation Circuit with focus on ambient drones and soundscapes in mind. It also consists of lush pads and evolving strings, dirty 303 basses, hoovers, lead synths, and abyssmal sound effecs. Perfect for producing a variety of other genres as well, such as Trance, Acid, Breaks, Progressive, and Drum and Bass…


A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual .syx files and a single bank file..

1. Poly_AnaPad – Band Pass Filtered 80’s analog hybrid synth pad
2. Binary_Illusions – Low Frequency Oscillator modulating Wavetable and Sine Oscillators with Ring Mod
3. BPF_Organ – Band Pass Filtered organ-esque synth loosely based on the classic Hammond B3
4. Dirty_303 – TB303 Bass with gritty overdive capabilities
5. Dirty_303_Arp – TB303 Bassline arpeggiator with overdrive
6. DNBbass1 – Heavily Overdriven and Distorted Bass synth for Drum and Bass and Nu-Skool Breaks
7. DNBbass2 – Wavetable and Pulse Width Modulated Oscillator bass for Drum and Bass and aggressive Breaks genres
8. ElectricMusicBox – Formant based Wavetable synth with Low Frequency Oscillator modulated Pulse Width
9. Evolving_Choir – Wavetable/Sine vocal pad synth with vocal ensemble characteristics
10. Bass_Prophets – Bass synth based on the classic Prophet’s sync capabilities.
11. DNR_Organ – Band Pass Filtered Pulse Width/Wavetable oscillator pad synth with organ character elements
12. Hoover_Lead – Aggressive Pulse Width modulated hoover synth for leads and/or basslines
13. LP_WT_Pulse -Low Pass Filtered Digital Wavetable and Pulse Width Sawtooth synth
14. String_Theory – Pulse Width Sawtooth and Sine oscillator string synth with LFO driven movement over time
15. Acid_Overdrive – Overdriven TB-303 influenced sine and wavetable oscillator bass synth
16. Sweep_Pad – Band Pass Filtered evolving pad synth for atmospheric ambient drones
17. Voyager – Analog-sounding pads based on the classic Moog Voyager synth
18. Viral_Lead1 – Lead synth based off the Access Virus series.
19. Viral_Lead2 – Lead synth variation based off the Access Virus series.
20. HP_Viral_LFO – High Pass Filtered synth based off the Access Virus series, with low frequency oscillation movement.
21. String_Morph – Morphing string synth that changes character over time.
22. SaturnStrings_LP – Low Pass Filtered string synth with LFO movement
23. SaturnStrings_HP – High Pass Filtered string synth with LFO movement
24. PWM_HooverDrone – Pulse Width Modulated hoover synth for deep evolving drones
25. HP_Nitrous_Pad – High pass filtered white noise pad
26. Stereo_Phase – Pulse Width modulated pad synth with stereo phaser for atmospheric uses
27. Vintage_Keys – Pulse Width Modulated Sawtooth key synth with Ring Modulated withdraw indexed oscillators
28. WT_Vintage_Keys – Low Pass Filtered Wavetable Sawtooth synth with slight attack and VSync Depth modulation
29. WT_Eruption – Wavetable pad synth loosely inspired by guitar eruption technique
30. WT_Celestial – Wavetable celestial windchime orchestra synth
31. Worlds_Collide – Wavetable fx synth with heavily modulated pitch by LFO’s
32. Worlds_Collide2 – Wavetable fx synth with heavily modulated pitch movement via LFO’s and mod envelopes

“Origins Beyond consists of not only a selection of cutting-edge signature patches within the soundpack, but also offers Circuit users the ability to have both random and consistent macro assignments for optimal workflow. Each patch is designed to allow users of either workflow preference to use them to personal taste, with the ability to expand upon the hybrid random vs. structured macro approach when customizing. From atmospheric ambient drones, filthy basses, arps, and screaming leads, this pack features a wide array of sounds that are perfect all for Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, and Breaks.” / JIM

Origins Beyond

A Pack of 32 Individual Patches to include…

1. 80sHybridSynth 1 – Recreation of classic 80’s Digital/Analog Hybrid Synths with added flexibility.
2. AlienCodingPad – Shapeshifting bass that morphs into pads revealing hidden coded transmissions from beyond.
3. AlienSoundscapePad 1 -Similar bass-to-pad morphing, but this patched is geared more for drones and dark ambient.
4. AlienUFOPad – Pad with bit depth reduction and other morphing capabilities
5. BP Formant Lead 2 – Lead or bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments
6. CalmEvolvePad – Evolving pads for building soundscapes
7. CalmPads 1 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes and melody
8. DistLead 1 – Dirty lead synth that can evolve into pads
9. Evolving Pad 2 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes
10. EvolvingWaves – Evolving pads for building soundscapes
11. EvolvingWaves2 – Evolving pads for building soundscapes
12. Feedback Pad – Evolving pads for building soundscapes
13. FilthLead 1 – Lead or bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments
14. FormantBass 1 – bass synth with sonic destruction macro assignments
15. Growler 2 – Synth growls found through macro manipulation
16. GutterBass 1 – Bass sound for aggressive uses.
17. Gutterbass 2 – Bass sound for more aggressive uses.
18. HPFilthLead2 – High Pass Filtered Lead Synth
19. HPLead 1 – High Pass Filtered Lead Synth
20. LFOBass 1 – Bass synth with LFO that mimics delay effect
21. LFOBass 2 – Another bass synth with LFO that mimics delay effect
22. Orbits Pad 1 – Spacial pad sound
23. PadScape 1 -Pad sound for atmospheric soundscapes
24. Padscape 2 – Pad sound that is capable of atmospheric soundscapes
25. PWM Saw 1 – Sawtooth with Pulse Width Modulation
26. PWM Saw 2 HP – High Pass Sawtooth with Pulse Width Modulation
27. ResistArp 1 – Broken circuitry arp
28. ScandalousBass 1 – Filthy bass for aggressive use
29. ScreamingArp 1 – Filthy arp for leads and basses
30. WaveArp 2 – Wavetable arp
31. Whomp 1 – Bass sound for aggressive needs
32. Wowow 1 – Filthy Bass or lead

Cataclysmic Impact in part features an assortment of percussive synth patches that allow sequencing of multiple synthetic drum sounds within a single synth track at once. These allow you to create beats with a kick, snare, and hi hat using only synth part one or two when used by design. Place these on both synth sections and have up to six synthetic drums at once(possibly even more with creative motion sequencing). This method frees up your sample slots for non percussive sounds if desired, or a mixture of both.

Also included in this soundpack are freshly designed basses, leads, stabs, drum hits, arps, fx, and pads to suit a variety of varies styles and genres.

Cataclysmic Impact

1. Rapture – Riser sound effect
2. BP Rapture 2 -Alternate band passed riser sound effect
3. Demolished – Gritty bass synth
4. PitchedKikSn – Percussive patch for drum-like sequences. Lower pitched notes for kicks, middle for snare, high for hats.
5. Hardcore Lead – Lead synth for aggressive sequences, and some basslines.
6. JungleCyanide – Pad synth sound
7. PitchedkikSn 2 – Percussive patch for drum-like sequences. Lower pitched notes for kicks, middle for snare, high for hats.
8. MechAscension – Mechanical-sounding effect
9. Simulant7007 – Odd bell-like synth with portamento
10. SimulantRumble – Rumbling sound effect
11. Atlantis – Synth sound that resembles submerging effect when manipulated
12. HP TechStab – High pass techno stab
13. 2012 – Bass synth with lfo synced filters to key
14. SimulantUniverses – Noisey synth with wind chime-like effect when sustained
15. KickAndScream – Howling Basskick synth
16. BrokenBass – Bass synth resembling characteristics of bent circuitry
17. UberDrones – Percussive Drum inspired by Uberzone
18. LaserSnare – Snare drum patch for percussive hits and sequences
19. LaserKick – Kick drum patch for percussive sequences and basses
20. LaserKick 2 – Kick drum patch for percussive sequences and basses
21. LaserSnare 2 – Snare drum patch for percussive hits and sequences
22. Desolation Bass -Aggressive bass synth
23. Luminous – Cinematic pad synth
24. Hardcore Bass -Aggressive bass synth
25. Buzzer Pad – Pad synth with buzz-like character
26. TearOutBass – Heavily distorted bass synth
27. PW SawPad 1 – Pulse width modulated Sawtooth Pad
28. PW SawPAd 2 – Pulse width modulated Sawtooth Pad
29. iNSOMNIAC- Chaotic and aggressive synth driven by lso sequenced filters
30. Shattered – Heavy bass synth
31. Expander – Sound effect for elevators and/or risers
32. ResoSnrBass – Noise driven bass synth with syncopated lfo

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