Lightfinger – Evolution

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The follow up to the mighty Circuit Patches Volume One & Future Frontiers, Circuit Evolution consists of 64 Patches, 16 Sessions and two complete sample packs ready to upload via Components… Lightfinger brought the Science to the Novation Circuit, now he brings you the Future of the Future!


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Lightfinger’s Evolution Pack for Novation Circuit consists of 64 Patches, 16 Sessions, the Evolution Sample Set and the Distructo Sample Set. Also included are Patch, Sample Set & Sessions Save Sheets to help keep your Circuit organized. As with our recent releases this pack contains everything you need to turn on your Novation Circuit and get instant gratification!

EVOLUTION SAMPLE SET: Classic and electronic percussion, hi-tech hits, FX stabs, and tonal elements.

DISTRUCTO SAMPLE SET: Get hard with this aggressive kit featuring a ‘stereo’ sample on Pads 63 (Left) & 64 (Right).

64 PATCHES: With moving pads, dirty basses and powerful leads, there are a wide range of Patches that are suitable for many genres of music. All of the Macro Knobs have been assigned dynamic, useful functions with the following helpful standardization:

Macro 1 – Filter Cutoff Frequency

Macro 2 – Filter Resonance

Macro 3 – Amp Release

Macro 4 – ?

Macro 5 – ?

Macro 6 – ?

Macro 7 – Chorus Level

Macro 8 – Distortion Level

Macros 4, 5 & 6 differ according to each patch. Many Macros have multi-functions.

16 SESSIONS: 16 Sessions in various musical styles using the Evolution Patches and Evolution Sample Set. Also included are 16 ‘blank’ metronome Sessions


1. Newton 126 BPM

2. Moonrise 133 BPM

3. Outlands 130 BPM

4. Recon One 143 BPM

5. Gravity Assist 113 BPM

6. Multi-Cell 130 BPM

7. Now Boarding 112 BPM

8. Ocean Drive 95 BPM

9. Sea of Space 120 BPM

10. Force Field 121 BPM

11. Cosmosys 128 BPM

12. Sidetracked 113 BPM

13. Moments In Time 120 BPM

14. Monkey Funk 120 BPM

15. Autocrest 132 BPM

16. Orbit 100 BPM

If you like the look of Evolution remember to checkout LightFingers other packs for the Novation Circuit – Circuit Patches Volume One & Future Frontiers

  1. Jodde73

    Best ugrade I ever done to any product. Fantastic patches & samples. Super inspirational sessions. Makes your circuit sound really really good.

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