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Emynona came to our attention through the Circuit Owners Group on Facebook, always up for a challenge and constantly asking questions. We loved his entries to the Circuit Challenges and invited him on board. His first pack for us is a delight, watch the video for a taste of whats included, it’s not the usual!

I completely assume the weirdness of my silly creation. I’m too. hope you’ll share this crazyness. May music never stop to surprise us and keep open the mind travel….


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A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual .syx files and a single bank file..

Note from the Creator : I completely assume the weirdness of my silly creation. I’m too. hope you’ll share this crazyness. May music never stop to surprise us and keep open the mind travel.

1-8 : Not a lot to say. This first line of patches are all different kind of MONO Bass. the macro here don’t bring nothing especial. They respect more or less the same pattern. The Filter and resonance are on the left macro knob while Chorus and feedback are on the Right side. The second macro on the top line (from the left) is the Distortion. Later on, the rest of the macro knobs are all various basic of the synthesis such as « Filter env to freq », « tracking » or « semitone » … depending of which one gave me the most interesting result during the synthesis process.

9 : Funny Grind – Poly – Lead- This patch is a cristal resonating lead. The LFO macro give it a very long and interesting Sine sustain without effect process.

10 : Ayahusca Flutes : Poly – Lead -This one is a hardly distorded mental experience. The macro knobs move the sound between dimensions.

11 : Paddish Style : Poly – Lead/Pad – As a Celtic guy I had to make my bagpipe and trust me this patch can … but I had to respect myself too setting up nasty macro as usual. Lot of LFO and Flanger on the macros

12 : Shroom Talk : Poly – Pad – Everything is said in the name. What if a mushroom could speak … I guess something like this.

13 : Rand S/H : Poly – Lead – This patch is named because of the constant rand S/H in the basic synthesis but also in the LFO running on the Macro knob.  It result a clear cristal bouncing sound with lot of interesting animation

14 : Laser Beam : Poly – SFX – Interstelar battleship canon load …

15 : Battlestar : Poly – SFX – This one is an oppressing spaceship atmosphere. It start to express itself from a single latched note with some sidechain and can go really deep.

16 : Flange me : Poly – Pad/SFX – All in the name … this patch is pure chorus abuse on almost every macro.

17 : Mad Plane : Poly – SFX – Somehow while I was making the synthesis of this patch I heard a plane that was going wild up there in the sky … don’t ask me how … This SFX make a nice double job. With some weird bass running with a slew rate LFO throwing a pitch kick that go mad in the effect process. Start with a single note latched

18 : Twirling : Poly – Pad/SFX – Crazy circling alarm sound. Lots of LFO effect on the macro.

19 : Weird talking 2 : Mono-autoglide -3st – Pad/SFX – Friends talking on High … tweak the conversation

20 : Swimhard : Poly – Pad/SFX – Struggle in the storm … try not to drown.

21 : NeonStar : Poly – Lead/SFX – Neon light glittering in the space … Lots of FX on the macro.

22 : Elepho : Poly – Lead/SFX – LFO everywhere … had to this some chorus Flanger for improved fun.

23 : Acid Release : Mono – Lead/SFX – A dirty swampy blobby synthesis. This patch should make happy some dirty trash techno lover

24 : Blink : Mono Auto glide -1st – Lead/Pad/SFX – Led by a dirty LFO giving him a grindy swing. Here we have a classic grindy atmosphere with come alternance dark/light on the macro.

25 : Twirling 2 : Mono – Lead/SFX – Twirling Remaster

26 :  Grouik : Poly – Lead /Pad – Extremely grindy ’n psychedelic accordion

27 : Bluub : Poly – Pad/SFX – Try to escape the Bubble

28 : Weird talking : Mono – SFX – Original encounter of the crazy friend …

29 : Amanita Indigest : Poly – SFX – Amanita don’t kill you …

30 : Crazy Blip : Poly – SFX – A crazy LFO blip going mad. Get out of this psychedelic forest until you’re lost. Take this patch softly. The polyphonie is hardly solicited here.

31 : LFO Tweak : Mono – Lead/SFX – Classic squelch disturbed mind  creation

32 : LFO Madness : Mono Autoglide -5st – PAD/SFX – A good old crazy LFO for the last patch … some really weird atmo rolling around the stereo come out from the macro. Sidechain and effect push up this patch and tweak it is just a never ending story

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