PMX 300 Series Ableton Live Pack from
PMX 300 Series Ableton Live Pack from PerforModule PMX Series Ableton Live Pack PerforModule PMX 300 Series Ableton Live Pack PerforModule PMX 300 Series Ableton Live Pack

PMX-300 Series

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The new PMX 300 Series instruments are a series of Ableton Live 9 instrument racks painstakingly sampled from the Casio PX-300 & are now available for Free.



The new PMX 300 Series Instruments are a series of Ableton Live 9 instrument racks which were originally released in packs of between 6-12 instruments by category.  The packs are painstakingly sampled from the Casio PX-300 Privia Digital Piano by Animus Invidious of PerforModule,

The samples which have been recorded through a dual triode vacuum tube at 96kHz/24-bit input with per-note reactive intelligent processing for maximum audio quality. Every single note (over 11,000 total) has been individually sampled, leveled, and processed with custom performodule effect chains.

They have been crafted into sampler & simpler racks which make the most of the built-in parameters, fine-tuned to optimize each individual instrument.

All PMX 300 Series instruments are recorded with each of the 88 keys passed through an analog tube preamp and then digitally processed to subtly polish and refine the sound and to ensure consistent dynamics and tone. The instruments are crafted into Sampler and Simpler racks for Ableton Live 9, with macros and parameter ranges carefully mapped per instrument to showcase / enhance capabilities of the true physical instruments they are based upon.

Now that we’ve completed the monthly giveaways of a pack at a time we’ve moved the files themselves to our dropbox so that you can catch up on any that you’ve missed!

Due to the file size of each of the packs we’ve restricted the downloads to 50 packs per day, you should get an out of stock notification and be able to download once the bandwidth limits have been reset! TO kick things off there’s the first three packs to download now!

Make sure you stay on our mailing list as we’ll be delivering you a download link for a new pack each week…

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  1. Classic Pianos
  2. Funky Pianos
  3. Organs
  4. Reeds
  5. Clavis
  6. Mallets
  7. Guitars
  8. Basses
  9. Exotic Plucked
  10. Melodic Percussion
  11. Strings
  12. Pads
  13. Brass
  14. Woodwinds
  15. Exotic Winds
  16. Synth Leads
  17. Synth Strings
  18. Synth Voices
  19. Sound Effects



NOTE: The PMX 300 Series FX Racks are now a part of the Niche Collection – CLICK HERE

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