PrEditor & Novation LaunchControl XXL – Combo Pack

Price £47.50

Our Combo Packs represent excellent value for money and the complete solution for advanced parameter control



The Novation LaunchControl XL get’s a supercharge with this extended Control Surface Script with particular focus on Device and Send/Return Control, hook it up with PrEditor and define banks of 24 parameters at a time…

  • 24 Pots control parameters of the currently in focus device
  • Device left/right & on / off
  • Parameter bank up / down
  • Track volume & track select
  • Return Track Control with user configuration
  • The option to have three sends as standard rather than just two and the Pan control
  • User configuration of the number of tracks each press of the Track Left or Right will increment in

NOTE: This Combo Pack consists of both PrEditor & the LaunchControl XXL Control Surface Script

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Q. What are the Minimum System Requirements?

A. Ableton Live 9.6 and above & an Installation of Max (which can be permanently run in Trial Mode)

Q. Do i need to have PrEditor running whilst i perform

A. No, once you’ve completed your mappings and sent them to Live they are ready each time you open your Live set.

Q. Will PrEditor work with any MIDI controller?

A. PrEditors compatibility is restricted to the enhanced Control Surface Scripts available on this website and the ones provided in the download for the Push 1 & 2, APC40 MKI & MKII



Our Products are generally provided as Zip file downloads which in all cases will need to be extracted and saved to your hard drive prior to installation. Details on the different file type provided and what to do with them are below.

.alp Files – These are Ableton Live Packs and will install directly into the Packs Section of the browser of Ableton Live. When you double click on them you will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that installation is ok as the files are described as “Legacy”. This is fine and you are ok to proceed, the packs are created using the format for an earlier version of Live and so remain compatible with the current version.

.amxd files – These are individual MaxforLive Devices and can be stored anywhere on your hard drive. We’d advise creating a folder for them and then adding that folder as a location within the Places section of Lives Browser.

Control Surface Scripts – Please refer to the individual User Guides provided with your download

ClyphX Pro – Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product.

Novation Circuit Packs – These are provided as individual Sysex Files and as a complete bank file. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility.