Street Dreams – Hip Hop Inspired Circuitry

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The fourth pack from the prolific Yves Big City is the Hip-Hop inspired, Street Dreams!

  • 64 innovative Hip-Hop and Trap Patch presets
  • 64 samples to allow you to explore the G-Funk style.
  • 16 Beat Sessions and 16 Demo Sessions.

This is not a test, it’s time to come out and play…


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Taking inspiration from all over Yves Big City has provided us here at the Isotonik Circuit Patch store with some of the best selling packs. First came the 80’s with Delorean Dreams, then teaming up with Erin Ramona Martinez for the computer game inspired Chiptune Dreams.

Now Yves Big City & Erin presents Street Dream, a groovylicious collection of G-Funk,West & East Coast presets that will delight any Hip Hop producer.

Heavily influenced by 1970s funk sound of artists such as Parliament-Funkadelic, this pack has been cooked with tight beats,trippy drums and soul vibes, bangin bass, funky hooks,dusty piano keys and spaced out synths. And for the first time they achieve to reach the famous Moog bass on the novation circuit !

As usual the standard set of macros give you an astonishing amount of tone shaping options and are as follows.

  • Filter
  • Release
  • Magic Movement(3-6)
  • Portamento
  • Distortion / Chorus.

Here is the full details of the pack – 64 Synth Presets organize by category :

  • Preset 1-16 : Moog Bass / Lead
  • Preset 17-24: Plucky Trap & Voice
  • Preset 25-32 :Funky Brass
  • Preset 32-64 :Piano,Vintage Rhode,spaced out synth and dusty organ –

64 samples including pristine drums and elements such as brass, guitar, string, scratch,female and male vocal! –

32 Sessions divide in 2 Part : – 16 Demo sessions – & 16 beat sessions

So if you are looking for a pack that merges oldschool hip-hop and trap with a sweet atmospheric, emotive feel, then you found it!

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