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Visual Collection by Ned Rush

Ned Rush's MaxforLive Visualizers


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The Ned Rush Visual Collection brings together his two MaxforLive Visual Devices Packs released to date with a discount for getting both at the same time!

  • World Viewer
  • Texta
  • MorphAudio
  • 3DWave
  • HyperZorb
  • NedScope
  • GeoSynth PRO
  • Brainwash HD
Developer: Ned RUSH
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


PLEASE NOTE: This product is compatible with Live 10 there are no plans to update it specifically for Live 11 so you use it at your own risk.

The Ned Rush Visual Collection brings together his two MaxforLive Visual Devices Packs released to date with a discount for getting both at the same time!

The Ned Rush Starter Collection was our first MaxforLive Visual Devices Pack bringing together our popular Solo devices into one World Viewer Compatible Pack!

Each of the individual World Modules can be used multiple times and we’ll continue to add to the line up over a period of time, you’ll need a World Viewer to start you off in every case so the Starter Collection pack kicks of with…

WORLD VIEWER – Renders each of the individual World Modules to one Viewer window, send this via the Spout or Syphon compatibility or just drag the window to a second monitor or projector and let the audience see your performance come to life!

TEXTA – Designed to be used with dummy clips, when launched the Texta device reads the name of the playing clip and sends this to the World Viewer You have complete control over positioning, rotation, font, size, scale the list is exhaustive. Add in some automation to your clips and the text can roll and grow like your own Hollywood credit sequence…

MORPHAUDIO – Dial in your settings and then watch your chosen shape Morph along to the audio it’s fed. Set it’s position and depth in the 3D World of the World Viewer and then set it rotating to let it evolve and dance along…

3DWAVE – It’s like a 3D Graphic Equaliser, like the MorphAudio-AR device it creates its visualisation in the foreground and like the other World Modules you can have multiple copies and have them react to separate Audio streams….

HYPERZORB – Our first Background device (there’s more coming!) it’s inspiration came from the sport Sorbing whereby your sit in a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill as the World spins around you. Add in a texture that pulses with the audio it’s fed (remember the -AR) and control over the texture of the Zorb and you can imagine yourself inside a gigantic Disco Ball…. Which of course your sharing the insides of with the output from the World Modules in your Live set!

And that’s not all the Visual Collection continues with…

NEDSCOPE – Originally known as Damage this visualiser creates a scope on a plane that draws itself based on the audio it’s fed. You can set the Hue or have it automate to a number of different triggers such as syncing to the transport or triggering when the audio reaches a defined amplitude.

With a number of drawing modes such as lines & points the plane can be positioned manually and set to constantly rotate or as with the Hue can again be triggered by different events.

GEOSYNTH PRO – Creating Geometric patterns based on a Drumrack input, this is our playable visualiser delivering once again a new dimension to your Ableton Live performance bringing the first of your senses into play!

When updating the MaxforLive device for World Collection compatibility we thought it’s give a good enough reason to revamp the controls and add further features. You can now offset the drawn object from the central axis, in essence giving you the ability to create an orbiting object!

BRAINWASH HD – The Visual Collection is then complete with our first and the original visualiser, we’d called it something else but after an hour of staring blankly into the screen at the strobing pulsating images it was creating we knew it had to be called Brainwash!

Designed to run as the background layer of the World Viewer it creates its own plane of trips visuals that feedback onto each other.

2 reviews for Visual Collection by Ned Rush

  1. acousticscommander (verified owner)

    First off, there’s nothing else like this for Ableton M4L. The “competitor” devices are laughably bad, and this system for visualization rocks! I’ve been looking for something like this for *years* (not an exaggeration, I’ve been touring and playing out with M4L and visualization with ableton since 2013). I’ve frustratingly used V-module, some hacked together M4L devices with Vizzie….some horrible concoction of sending OSC messages via M4L to the awfully expensive GrandVJ sofware or to some hideous Max patch….and this honestly whips the shit out of any of those options.

    With the Visual Devices pack you have loads of options from the get-go but really what makes this an absolute trip is when you start making effects racks with the modules and do things like add M4L LFOs to the parameters. I was able to put together a beautifully captivating standalone generative visualizer in an afternoon after purchasing these M4L devices. It was totally worth fifty american bucks (thanks brexit).

    Occasionally I find the visuals move too fast and it can be overwhelming. However, I’m able to control the motion with an effects rack. I mute the chain with the visual module on the rack, and through EQ and gating the signal going to the module (while muting the whole time), I can have more finely grained control on the responsiveness of the visuals when i treat it like a black box and use effects racks to control the audio and that’s become half the fun!

    Brainwash is a mindf%%k but when you start layering things and colliding and glitching them in the world viewer, you’ll be doubly mindf%%%%d. I prototyped my visual effects racks with Antonio Carlos Jobim’s The Wave and frankly just enjoy running my Technics SL1200 through my interface just to watch the visual modules do their thing with a beer to pass an evening.

    I’m excited at the prospect of making more racks and MIDI automation for a largely automated visualizer, and look forward to purchasing the other large collection of visual devices and whatever will be released down the line. Well done Isotonik!!

  2. Nathan Morrow (verified owner)

    “PLEASE NOTE: This product is compatible with Live 10 there are no plans to update it specifically for Live 11 so you use it at your own risk.”
    I’ve gotten it to load without crashing ableton twice out of 20+ attempts. I provided feedback for documentation as a live 11 user, but left the exchange without much for acknowledgement.
    It’s a very well designed concept and a lot of fun when it works. Having fiddled with other M4L visual devices, I’ll say that for those who find it functioning properly, it’s rather worth getting the collection over others.

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Ned Rush

Ned Rush (aka rude_NHS) is a composer, producer, musician, sound designer and developer as well as visual artist and video editor. Although releasing music online since 2000, he rose to notoriety in 2009 through his eccentric YouTube channel making videos about music tech. He continues to release music, sounds and exclusively developers Max For Live devices with Isotonik Studios that focus on more abstract concepts of performance, sound design and animation.In. expanding the Ned RUSH Universe in 2017 he founded HyperReal StudiosLINKS: HYPERREAL STUDIOS – YOUTUBE – PATREON – FACEBOOK

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