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Street Dreams – The Novation Circuit goes Hip-Hop thanks to Yves & Erin!

As time has gone by it’s become harder and harder to pigeonhole the Novation Circuit to a particular genre, we’ve seen Techno to Jazz, Drone to House. One genre though we’d only seen sparsely! With the release of Street Dreams from Yves Big City & Erin Ramona Martinez we hope that’s going to change…

YES! The Novation Circuit goes Hip-Hop (with some Trap thrown in for good measure) in this inspired new pack, Street Dreams!

Street Dreams builds on the success of Delorean Dreams and Yves previous collaboration with Erin, Chiptune Dreams. If you’ve seen or played with either of these you’ll know that Street Dreams is an essential for your Circuit.

The video above will give you a good idea of what’s in the pack but click MORE DETAILS below to see the full contents and get your G-Funk on!

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