World Collection Spectral ONE Demo MaxforLive Visualisers for Ableton Live

Competition Time – The World Collection – MaxforLive Visualisers

Our MaxforLive Visualisers are awesome, but we want to see what you can do with them, well in fact any A/V performance, enter and win!


Ned RUSH – Glitch Pack – Scrubber Update

Scrubber is a MaxforLive Device that allows you to scrub through incoming audio via MIDI, creating a pseudo DJ Scratch type effect for your productions

Ned Rush Glitch Pack MashUp Video Walkthrough

Ned RUSH – Glitch Pack – MashUP Update

MashUP takes any sample you drop in it and allows you to create brand new glitchy audio from it with a range of effects based on a probability matrix

Ned Rush Glitch Pack Stitch Video Walkthrough

Ned RUSH – Glitch Pack – Stitch Update

Ned Rush’s updates continue with the Stitch device getting it’s 2017 Remix

Ned RUSH Knobulator Video Walkthrough

Ned RUSH – Glitch Pack Update – Knobulator

The Knobulator is a live audio effect for Glitching an incoming stream, part of Ned Rush’s Glitch Pack it’s been updated & remixed for 2017