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NEW RELEASE: Factorsynth

Factorsynth MaxforLive Audio Device

Factorsynth is an experimental tool for sound modification and cross-synthesis based on matrix factorization. The input sounds are decomposed into a set of spectra and a set of temporal functions, which can be then recombined in several ways to obtain the output sound.

It can be used as a spectral editing tool in which the elements to be manipulated are of a relatively high abstraction level, compared to analysis/resynthesis systems based on manipulating individual time-frequency bins, such as those based on the spectrogram or phase vocoder.

In Factorsynth, the elements to be manipulated can be, entire musical notes, attack portions, inharmonic structures, impulsive events.

The video above really gives a better description of what you can use this quite unique MaxforLive device for!


Freak Q Walkthrough

When the creator of the original MultiClip Editor for Ableton Live said he was working on something new we knew it was going to be good. After debuting with the Frame Creator for LaunchPadders wanting to create MIDI light-shows, Chaos Culture hit the big time with the MultiClip Editor and even made it into print with a review in SoundonSound magazine. Here’s what he did next…

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Street Dreams – The Novation Circuit goes Hip-Hop thanks to Yves & Erin!

As time has gone by it’s become harder and harder to pigeonhole the Novation Circuit to a particular genre, we’ve seen Techno to Jazz, Drone to House. One genre though we’d only seen sparsely! With the release of Street Dreams from Yves Big City & Erin Ramona Martinez we hope that’s going to change…

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Note Looper – Brand New Dynamic MIDI Looping from Dillon Bastan

When Dillon messages me on Facebook it’s always something unexpected that he wants to show me, first was Ecosystem and then his Samsara granular looper, both hit the spot but left us wanting more. Now yet again he’s delivered with Note Looper a dynamic MIDI Looping Max for Live device…

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