“You’re proceeding in a very unorthodox fashion re responses to tech support. The way it’s done is that you don’t answer at all or wait several days. Then your first answer should direct me to something that has nothing to do with the question. Each time I write to say I need your response clarified, you employ a completely different tech support person who (at this point loop back to “The way it’s done.”)

“I’m sure you’ll catch on in time!”
Patrick Gleeson

“OktoPush reinvented Ableton for me and opened the Push right up just as i was beginning to give up on it. I was having a few issues when I first started using it but once I had made contact with the team the help and guidance they offered not only sorted any technical issues I was having but also made me realise what the device was also capable of.”

Steve Elliott3PhaseSoundcloud

“Your stuff is amazing. The script for the K1 made my life so much better.”

Ralph Lowi

“(Necessary kudos) The tools offered/presented are very well-thought. As an analytically creative person, creative process design is incredibly interesting and important to me. Your tools (and those creators/developers) are becoming obvious and essential pieces to automate my process for creative goal/purpose.”

Sean Myracle

“Anyone thinking of buying any of these products would be wise to do so, the the devices created  by the crew at Isotonik Studios are not only genius but also inspirational for anyone who has ever played around with MaxforLive on a learners level and beyond.”

Steve Elliot3PhaseSoundcloud

“I use Isotonik LaunchSync PRO XL, Exclude and also  “Smart” and “Follow” in my live setup. These few neat little tools help me out keeping my live setup in structure, not losing the overview it’s like two additional hands. Without Launchsync especially I would have to handle three Midi controllers at once, impossible with all the analog gear I use. Therefore these few plugins are the glue that keeps my setup fixed together. ”

Nicola KochArtistSoundcloud

My goodness the LaunchControl XL  with your XXL script is tha bomb. I am so pleased right now. And with LaunchSync Pro XL, LPC Live 2, Launchpad 95, Link, DDC synced I am finally in total control of Live. Brilliant! Thank You!

Peter @ Musik Prod

PerforModule – Dephaultz An excellent addition to Live’s library as a really creative and innovative tool, the audio equivalent of the Swiss Army knife! Top marks.

Another thing was the ease of installation. That’s very important to me as I’ve had a number of negative experiences on other sites and if your not someone whose that experienced it can be both costly and frustrating, so well done. I’ll be back for more.

James Reynolds