Sergio Zacco

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Sergio Zacco is a sound designer, musician and multimedia developer. He graduated with the highest honours in Electronic Music - Music Technology and Composition (BA) at the Conservatory "Arrigo Pedrollo" of Vicenza (IT), under the guidance of great teachers like Lorenzo Pagliei, Davide Tiso, Luca Richelli, Sandro Marrocu. 

From his young age and during the student years at the Conservatory he deepened all the aspects of creating and executing analog and digital electronic music specializing in the live electronics branch. As final project he presented to the commission a study on machine learning and other signal processing techniques implemented for timbre recognition of percussion sounds live.

Interactivity is in the core of all of his works, from artistic installations (LUMINA sound installation: www.sergiozacco.com/lumina-sound-installation) to building virtual instruments like ATTACCO.

He is the creator of Silicon Veronica (www.facebook.com/siliconveronicamusic), a live music project based on improvisation between a drummer and an electronic musician operating on an Ableton Live Set. The drummer is changeable everytime, while the electronic musician is the same. As the approach on the drums is different drummer by drummer the interaction between the two musicians is different as well and that reflects on several different shades of the same music pieces. 

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