A New Dimension for the World Collection – Mutate your own Images!

One of the most common feature requests from users of our World Collection is the ability to use images within the devices and have them broadcast to the World Viewer to accompany the other World Modules creating their own audio reactive objects.

With Chris VIK’s latest pack, Graphik ONE, you can do exactly that. Drop in an image and you can have it mapped to a three dimensional object or play with it as a plane and set up your own parallax backgrounds.

As with Spectral ONE it’s really the video that does the talking and so take a minute or two to take in whats possible with the video above that was the final step for the Collab Alliance Project!

What happens when you gather nine of the best music producers around, give them one hour each to work on a single collaborative track, and throw wildcard production challenges at them all while filming each session so it can be posted to YouTube? Collab Alliance happens. Introducing a brand new music production series presented by Impossible Records. Dubbed ‘Collab Alliance,’ this new spin on production tutorials brings together the likes of Mr. Bill, KJ Sawka, Julian Gray, John Miller, Slynk, SeamlessR, and Tom Cosm to challenge them to create a track together under wild circumstances while also giving valuable insight into music production. With a collective audience of 330,565 YouTube Subscribers, this project already has eyes on it from all over the world. Young producers worldwide are watching ‘Collab Alliance.’ The tune, as well as the stems are available for FREE.

For Collab Alliance, production turns are selected randomly via a name generator, including a ‘Wildcard Randomizer’ that adds four challenges made up by fans per turn that must be incorporated during each player’s one hour session. Some ‘Wildcards’ were practical while others ridiculous, adding a humorous spin to each production session. Once each producer’s turn is up they then post up their live production session on YouTube for viewers to enjoy and learn from.

Season One’s end result is a multi genre track that falls along the lines of a funky glitchy drum and bass banger. Styles and genres collide in an experimental exploration of sound molded by some of the most talented producers around. To top it all off and add another layer of collaboration, Collab Alliance held a cover art contest and was won by illustrator Asa Akisaki. The official music video  was created by the visual wizard Chris Vik  , using nothing but custom made Ableton Live plugins, showcasing the potential of the often under looked visual element of the software. Grab your free copy of ‘Collab Alliance Season One’ today. – http://collaballiance.com/

Chris is currently working on some walkthrough videos to show off how he achieved the amazing effects in this demo!