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Digiphex Electronics earned a degree in electrical engineering and started a repair shop for ancient analogue synthesizers and makes synthesizer patches and packs as well. He grew up in an age of school filmstrips that could barely be heard and understood over the warble and flutter of their soundtracks. He is inspired by sounds on crinkled tape, melted vinyl records, background hiss from and old mixer or even the rhythmic sound of an inkjet printer.

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Manitoba Cassette by Digiphex Electronics

Inspired by Boards of Canada, Tycho, Lone, and even AFX.

Warped LP’s and worn out tape is the feel of this pack, with some tape oriented macro controls. “Manitoba Cassette” captures the nostalgic feelings and drifting melodies inspired by Boards of Canada, Tycho, Lone, and even AFX. 
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit (Please Note: Not Compatible with Novation Circuit Tracks)



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