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NEW RELEASE: O-Blek by LDM Design

O-Blek Tutorial Part ONE

As we near the holiday season we can reflect back over a long year of some epic releases. So much to be proud of but it was the Chance TEN pack from LDM Design that proved to be the surprise hit of the year, with it’s approach to randomisation based on Brian Eno’s theorys each device did one specific thing in the simplest of manners…

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NEW RELEASE: Factorsynth

Factorsynth MaxforLive Audio Device

Factorsynth is an experimental tool for sound modification and cross-synthesis based on matrix factorization. The input sounds are decomposed into a set of spectra and a set of temporal functions, which can be then recombined in several ways to obtain the output sound.

It can be used as a spectral editing tool in which the elements to be manipulated are of a relatively high abstraction level, compared to analysis/resynthesis systems based on manipulating individual time-frequency bins, such as those based on the spectrogram or phase vocoder.

In Factorsynth, the elements to be manipulated can be, entire musical notes, attack portions, inharmonic structures, impulsive events.

The video above really gives a better description of what you can use this quite unique MaxforLive device for!