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Allen & Heath make the DJ mixers that i dream of owning, their XONE range is found in the worlds most prestigious booths (and one day my front room).
When Paul Van Dijk first toured his Ableton Live setup it was with an Allen & Heath 4D mixer. Combining DJ Mixer and MIDI Controller the 4D was a mammoth and out of the price range of many aspiring DJ’s. The masterstroke was breaking out the MIDI Controllers to become the 1D and then developing it further into the K1 & K2 controllers we work with today.
We know the team at Allen & Heath like our Control Surface Script, with it’s Session Control turning the 4 x 4 grid of buttons into a mini APC40 and our MaxforLive Performance Template adding in control of parameters with switchable layers.
Want to use two controllers at the same time, well you can always sync them together with LaunchSync and double the amount of tracks you can control.

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