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CIrcuitStation by Mike Davis

your video game music creation tool in a box!

Bleeps and bloops, long dark pads, arpeggiated 8 bit tones, a lot of classic sounds and grooves you will recognize from your favorite games and consolesWhile Chiptunes were an inspiration for this pack, and are often used in videogames…this is not a chiptune pack. This is a tool to be used in the creation of all music with videogames as a theme.Whether it be the soothing sounds of the mushroom kingdom you’re trying to accomplish, the pumping bass of a sonic water level, or the lush dark tones of a final fantasy boss fight, CircuitStation has you covered
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


    Arpleasiator by Mike Davis

    64 dual oscillator patches, each with multiple arpeggio functions and control!

    UPDATE: NOW CIRCUIT TRACKS & OG CIRCUIT COMPATIBLEThe lack of an arpeggiator option on the novation circuit has always been one of the weaknesses of its synths, and while there’s workarounds, there has never been an immediate way to arpeggiate a note that’s playing…until nowArpleasiator is a circuit tracks pack that features 64 dual oscillator patches, each with multiple arpeggio functions and control with a host of performance features in the encoders and 64 hip hop, house and 8bit drum and percussion samplesPatches range from low dirty bass, and grinding saws, to twinkly plucks, and sustained pads, which can be used for a wide range of music or sound design…your creativity is the limit
    COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks



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