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Tom Cosm

Tom Cosm is a New Zealand-based music producer and educator. His contributions to the electronic music scene primarily encompass the psychedelic and electronic genres. Utilizing Ableton Live as his primary tool, Tom produces tracks that exhibit intricate layering and sound design techniques, demonstrating his understanding of music production’s complex aspects.

In addition to his work as a producer, Tom is also an accomplished educator in music production. He uses his platform to share insights about Ableton Live, helping aspiring producers navigate the software. His live performances further extend his engagement with the music community, where he showcases his production techniques in real-time, offering an immersive experience that bridges the gap between the studio and the stage.

Tom Cosm
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Nice & Naughty by Tom Cosm

One half is good the other bad!

We’ve been following Tom’s work for years, his MegaSet principle in Ableton Live was the core inspiration for one of our most popular devices, Follow. Always innovating, the Novation Circuit appealed to his nature of expression and now we proudly present his first pack of patches. Here’s what Tom has to say about them…

“I wanted to make a pack that was great for people starting out. Powerful sounds and no confusing configurations. Something that is both half simple and half intense. Nice and naughty has the left 16 patches as good solid foundations to lay down ideas (smooth stabby basses, punchy leads, lush evolving pads etc), and the right most 16 has sounds that can get extreme and have wild variation using the Macro dials”

COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit (Please Note: Not Compatible with Novation Circuit Tracks)



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